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10X Exclusive: In conversation with Ahmed Jacob, Managing Partner and CTO of INVAO Group

INVAO has raised $10M of their $20M fundraiser with a major investment from Investech Partners.

The volatility in the value of blockchain assets have put a spotlight on its potential to garner increased investment returns compared to traditional assets like stocks and shares. INVAO Group has banked upon this opportunity to trade in crypto assets much like traditional investment bankers and hedge funds would do.

So between the volatility, lack of regulation, and increased number of crypto assets on offer, is it "a bit too early" or "a bit too late" to invest in blockchain? Moreover, how does one turn a profit?

Watch Ahmed Jacob, Managing Partner and CTO of INVAO Group answer these questions and more from SME 10X in an exclusive interview.

He also shares insights into the market and news about raising $5 million from Investech Partners in their most recent fundraiser.