Best apps to improve efficiency at your office
Priya Wadhwa
10X People

Best apps to improve efficiency at your office

Productivity is a few taps away.

Technology is ever-changing, which can make it difficult to keep up with the latest trends. However, these new technologies can often improve your efficiency at the office tremendously, which certainly makes it worth checking them out. This article provides you with the best apps to do exactly that.

We speak about technology startups and the latest innovations in the world. But, how often do we personally use it? Most commonly, people think that these innovations, apps and platforms are quite new and may not be able to function smoothly. However, technology has the advantage of improving every day; and until it is being used, it can be difficult to gauge issues and roll out new features.

Technology startups come from experts that have experienced the market and seen a gap they can fix, especially when it comes to digital platforms. They can be relatively easy to fix, and can make a world of difference to how we perform tasks.

Think about Skype, WhatsApp, Instagram, or even Google Mail. It took years for them all to be part of the corporate sphere, and we can’t imagine life without it now. However, even when they were initially introduced, there were people who took advantage of them to grow their business and ease their lives.

In India, women made millions by selling clothes and home decor through WhatsApp groups. Skype was used by freelancers long before it made its corporate debut. Instagram had small businesses selling their products with the help of the platform ages before they launched the business profile option.

Today, there are a plethora of apps that provide the same function. Some better than others, depending upon one’s preferences. Following are the ones we think are great for everyday business life.


Dubbed as a business communication software, Slack is a cloud-based set of tools and services that work to improve communication at the workplace. Known for its ‘channels’ where people can communicate in multiple groups as well as one-to-one, Slack works to connect your team better to get things done, from projects to budget discussions and more.


A homegrown tech startup in the UAE has revolutionised post-meeting admin work. You can now skip taking detailed notes and spending time writing meeting minutes. Using Wrappup, you can record sessions that are automatically transcribed, with important points being highlighted with the help of Speech Analysis, Deep Learning and NLP models. It can save hours that can then be put to better use.


Essentially, this is a business accounting software program that can help small businesses and startups manage their finances. It can help keep track of everything, from expenses to invoices, transactions, paying bills, filing taxes, and a whole lot more. The best part is, it develops reports that you can use to track your finances better, understand where you’re spending more and how you can improve.


This is a marketing automation platform most popularly known for making email campaigns and newsletters a piece of cake. It can also help you create and use ads for Instagram and Facebook. And that’s not all, Mailchimp works well with most of the sales or organisation apps you already use, like Shopify, Payforward, Salesforce, Eventbrite and more.

Want more? Mailchimp is easy as well as free to use! You can find all the resources you need to drive your campaigns with this platform.

Google Drive

If you’ve not started using Google Drive already, it’s about time. Forget about attaching and keeping track of changes and latest versions of documents between different members of the team. Google Drive synchronises in real time and keeps track of every change and comment. It has increased trust and refreshed and simplified the old ways of doing business by a large margin.

If you’re worried about data safety, you’re right, you need to think about it before you use an app. However, it may help to remember that they are rolled out with proper licences and tests. And there are ways in which you can check their credibility, such as online and offline reviews, number of customers they currently have, or even just by testing it out yourself. For many of them, there are also video reviews on YouTube that show you how they work.

It’s becoming easier and faster to trust as well as incorporate their use today. For a small business or startup, these can mean huge savings on time; which naturally results in better productivity. After all, that is the entire purpose with which these technologies are built. It’s time to give them a chance to improve your work life, take on some tasks from your busy schedule and maybe add a bit of peace to your day.