Arab startup success stories prove to be top-selling material on Amazon
Priya Wadhwa

Arab startup success stories prove to be top-selling material on Amazon

Check out the experiences, insights and advice from the region's entrepreneurs

One of the most exciting and tangible inspirations for entrepreneurs-to-be and governments alike is success stories. When we look at the success of Careem, for example, we see how well the startup has spread across the Middle East and is now even venturing outside the region to compete with other local competitors.

This is extremely important, and serves as fuel for people who want to be entrepreneurs and helps them envision their journey more easily, as it something to live up to.

Similarly, Careem’s success has taught the governments in the region a lot about the startup ecosystem, how to interact with it, and the potential that it truly has. Hence, startup success stories are extremely important, especially in the Middle East, as there is such a nascent startup scene.

In 2018, Amir Hegazi wrote a book titled Startup Arabia, Stories and Advice from Top Tech Entrepreneurs in the Arab World, which explores the journeys of top technology entrepreneurs in the region and their advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Recently, the book became one of the top selling startup books of Amazon, indicating the appeal of the success stories in the region.

Startup Arabia divulges the untold stories of MENA high-tech entrepreneurs—those who are developing a tech space that is gaining international investor attention and bringing FDI to the region.

In his book, Amir takes us through a collection of interviews, giving insight into the early days of MENA's startup ecosystem and startups that we founded then. He writes about the initial ideas of these startups, how they got them, the challenges they faced, how they overcame those difficulties as well as the lessons it taught them.

To provide even more value to readers, Amir has included the advice that many of the region's established entrepreneurs shared for the current generation founding their startups.

Amir Hegazi is a life-long entrepreneur. With over 15 years of experience in startups, tech, e-commerce and digital media, he is full of insights in the growth of the ecosystem and how Souq, Careem and many others broke through barriers to establish themselves in a market.

He was also the Director of Marketplace at, the region's largest e-commerce company that was acquired by Amazon in what was then the biggest exit deal the region had seen—until just 4 months ago when Careem topped that by being acquired by Uber for $3.1 billion.