MINI Cooper models used by companies for brand positioning
Rushika Bhatia

MINI Cooper models used by companies for brand positioning

AGMC has concluded a deal with Smith & Ken,  to add six new MINIs to the UK property company’s Dubai-based fleet.

Commenting on the purchase of the six new MINI Cooper Hatch models, Ian Liborwich, Business Development Director at Smith & Ken said: “MINI is a well established premium brand with a unique personality.  It prides on taking a very different and unconventional approach with its cars, showrooms, marketing and services. It also originated in Britain, so all these attributes are synergistic with Smith & Ken’s brands positioning.”

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the UAE; Smith & Ken has customised the fleet of MINIs with a UAE flag painted on the rooftop of the MINI, further increasing the visibility of the cars on the road. The cars will be used by the sales team to take customers to property viewings and to promote Smith & Ken in a different way.

The six MINI Cooper Hatch models were handed over to Smith & Ken at the new MINI showroom in Dubai Media City. Since the opening just two months ago, almost one third of AGMC’s MINI sales have been made at the new showroom.

Smith & Ken are among a small handful of companies that have begun to see the benefit of having an eye-catching MINI as their company fleet car, grabbing the attention of motorists and pedestrians across the city.  Media One hotel also bought a fleet of MINI vehicles to shuttle their guests back and forth in the city.

The Lime Tree Café & Kitchen,  is conveniently attached to the new MINI showroom offering a lifestyle experience that even enables customers and visitors to order a coffee and car at the same time!