Dulsco launches eco-friendly bins for UAE workplaces
Rushika Bhatia

Dulsco launches eco-friendly bins for UAE workplaces

Dulsco, which provides waste management solutions, is taking its recycling awareness campaign directly to one of the main sources of waste generation – the workplace – by encouraging companies and their employees to dispose their waste in a more responsible manner.

Dulsco is offering organisations the opportunity to segregate their plastic, organic and paper waste at the workplace itself through a range of smart solutions. By managing the waste this way, employees can assist recycling companies to dispose of waste effectively and also contribute to their organisations’ overall environment preservation efforts.

To make the segregation easier, Dulsco Trading also launched its line of garbage bins that have separate compartments to collect paper, plastic and organic waste. Once collected in this fashion, the companies can then dispose the recyclable waste at specific public points near supermarkets or bus stations.

Juny James Prakkat, Senior Manager of Dulsco Trading, said, “Previously, people would keep three different bins for separating waste. However, our bins are an all-in-one solution that reduce space and helps to manage waste in a stylish and green fashion while fitting easily into any space or setting. The simple design of the bins means that it can appeal to both dedicated and first-time environment lovers.”

Located both indoors or outdoors, the bins not only meets the primary need for functionality, but also helps to educate people to respect the environment by helping them to correctly dispose waste. At the same time, the introduction of the bins in the workplace makes perfect sense for organisations which wish to boost their own ongoing waste recycling efforts.

“We have been striving to create functional and stylish products for people who are design-conscious and are passionate about the environment,” Prakkat said.

Dulsco will soon be supplying the bins to several companies across the UAE and Prakkat anticipates a great demand for the bins in high-traffic areas such as art galleries, schools, hospitals, bus stations, offices and retail outlets. Additionally, organisations can brand these bins with their logos and messages and install them in prominent high-traffic areas.

Available in different capacities, the bins are made of environment-friendly material such as ABS and recycled polypropylene. Depending on the design of the bins, the polymer used in its manufactured comes from 40% to 70% recycled material.

Companies can buy these eco-friendly bins by contacting Dulsco Trading on 800-WASTE (92783).