Tips to generate leads with content marketing
Priya Wadhwa

Tips to generate leads with content marketing

2019 will be a year of quality content.

Lead generation is one of the top goals of most marketing initiatives. They are key to improving business. However, reaching out to potential customers or clients and getting them interested in your business, needs tact and finesse.

You want to generate quality leads on a consistent basis, that requires good content, which is then targeted well. 2019 will be a year of quality content. Since there is a lot of material out there being pushed by millions of brands and social media channels, you want to provide value, because that is how your potential audience will remember you.

A good quality blog post, is one that is well researched and 2000-3000 words long. That might seem like a lot, but it improves your SEO results, increases back-end links, and most of all, provide quality information and thought-provoking perspective that the reader finds valuable. Research has shown that longer well-written articles get more shares than regular ones.

Think about your lead generation content in a strategic manner. First, understand your target audience, know what they need, what they look for, try to know what issues they face—and then use that knowledge to provide them with a solution. This is a highly-targeted strategy that will drive better quality leads to your business, and help you nail your clients.

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