Not able to get your message across?
Priya Wadhwa

Not able to get your message across?

3 tips to communicate better with your audience.

Communicating with your audience online is one of the most effective and cost-saving marketing strategy. However, as the world is getting more digitised at a faster pace, marketers often experience issues in their communications and making the most of their strategies.

The three common issues and their solutions, as described by Brian Evans, the founder of Influencive and BDE Ventures, with over a decade of experience in the digital field, are as follows:

1. What has worked before, may not work again.

Audience are maturing, and your message needs to be relevant to them now. So the message you put out last year, has a high chance of not making the same impact this year. Adapt your strategies to your maturing audience.

2. If people are not listening, try something more attention grabbing.

With a plethora of content, you need to stand out from the crowd. There are many strategies that grab attention, such as storytelling, slow-dripping information, gorilla or experiential ads.

3. You may not see the pitfalls of your message. Test it before going live.

The small sample size of people in your office are not representatives of your audience. Many companies have had communication crisis over ads they thought would be sure successes, which brought on the spite of the community. Pepsi is a classic example.

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