5 avoidable mistakes start-ups make with marketing videos
Priya Wadhwa

5 avoidable mistakes start-ups make with marketing videos

Video content is big

Video content is a big thing in marketing today, as social media algorithms are giving it priority. Instagram and Facebook now even have a TV section.

More importantly, it gives your audience a more immersive experience of your brand and message and is more likely to succeed in achieving your marketing goals.

There is no denying that making videos is unavoidable in today’s times. But the relatively low experience by most marketers in video making, can lead to waste of resources when the video turns out to be of low quality or fails to deliver the message in an appealing format.

Here are 5 tips to avoid the most common mistakes when making marketing videos for your brand:

1. Do not try to cram too much information into the video. It will leave your message being diluted and not conveyed in a clear way to your audience.

2. Storytelling is the best way to engage your audience and tell them what you what them to know. Content needs to engage people, otherwise they’ll simply skip or stop watching it

3. Pay attention to branding in your videos, especially when it comes to colour schemes and backgrounds. It’s about visually representing your brand. An organic handmade beauty brand using excessive neon hues for example, would not justify the brand image.

4. Make your characters connect with your target audience, through visual cues. They way the dress, talk, etc.

5. Do not cut corners when it comes to elements such as animation, sound, or storytelling, as these raise the quality of your final video, making it more watchable, engaging and able to meet your marketing objectives.

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