How to Influence a New Audience: Seven Tips to Hit the Right Note
Mita Srinivasan

How to Influence a New Audience: Seven Tips to Hit the Right Note

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, influencing and engaging audiences has become an intricate skill, blending age-old strategies with cutting-edge technology. Emma Brain, Media Professional & Confidence Coach takes us through seven tips to help you hit the right note with your audience.

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, influencing and engaging audiences has become an intricate skill, blending age-old strategies with cutting-edge technology. The emergence of a new breed of audience, shaped by the digital age and information overload, demands a fresh approach to public speaking and brand communication that captures attention and drives meaningful connections. Unfortunately, many communicators are falling short of getting their message across, because they don’t know who their audience is or how to effectively engage them.

You might know your business inside out but are you positioning it in a way that still resonates? The key is to create a multifaceted strategy that encompasses storytelling, shared experiences, real-world examples, humour, audience engagement, and emotional awareness, all while leveraging the power of technology.

Here are seven tips to help you hit the right note.

Storytelling: The Timeless Art

Storytelling is the cornerstone of human communication and remains as potent as ever in capturing the imagination of today’s audience. Craft a compelling narrative that resonates with their aspirations, challenges, and desires. Infuse your message with relatable characters, vivid settings, and a gripping plot that takes the audience on a journey of discovery. Weave in emotions, conflict, and resolution to create an emotional connection that lasts.

Shared Experiences: Create A Sense Of Belonging

The sense of belonging to a community is a strong driving force for the modern audience. Create shared experiences that bring people together around a common interest or goal. Online forums, social media groups, and virtual events are powerful tools to cultivate this sense of belonging. Encourage audience interaction, facilitate discussions, and celebrate milestones to foster a vibrant and engaged community.

Real World Examples: Tangible Inspiration

The contemporary audience is discerning and seeks authenticity and credibility. Provide tangible real-world examples that showcase the practical application of your ideas or products. Case studies, success stories, and testimonials offer proof of concept and build trust. The audience wants to see results and envision themselves benefiting from your offerings.

Humour: The Universal Connector

Humour is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries. Infusing your message with humour not only captures attention but also helps to create a memorable and enjoyable experience. Clever wordplay, relatable anecdotes, and light-hearted content can create a positive association with your brand and message.

Audience Engagement: Two-Way Communication

Engagement is a two-way street. Encourage active participation and feedback from your audience online. Polls, surveys, contests, and Q&A sessions are effective tools to involve your audience in shaping the content and direction of your message. Respond promptly to comments and messages to show that you value their input and are genuinely interested in their opinions.

Emotional Intelligence: Connecting On A Deeper Level

Emotions are at the heart of human decision-making. Tailor your content to evoke specific emotions that resonate with your audience's needs and desires. Whether it's empathy, excitement, nostalgia, or inspiration, tapping into these emotional triggers creates a powerful bond between you and your audience.

The Tech Edge: Seamlessly Integrating Technology

The digital era has ushered in an array of technological tools that can supercharge your influencer strategy. Leverage these tools to enhance your storytelling, foster shared experiences, and engage your audience on multiple fronts:

  • Interactive Content: Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) experiences can transport your audience to new dimensions, making your message more immersive and memorable.

  • Amplify Social Media: Leverage the reach of social media platforms to share your content and engage with a wider audience. Use analytics to identify peak engagement times and optimize your posting schedule.

  • Live Streaming: Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and even LinkedIn have live-streaming capabilities, which enable real-time interactions with your audience. Host live events, Q&A sessions, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to create a sense of immediacy and authenticity.

  • Podcasts and Webinars: These platforms allow you to share in-depth insights and have meaningful conversations with experts, further establishing your authority and credibility.

  • AI: Artificial Intelligence is empowering communicators to tailor compelling and personalized content that resonates with diverse audiences, driving engagement and expanding influence.

Influencing a new breed of audience requires a holistic approach that blends traditional strategies with modern technology. Storytelling, shared experiences, real-world examples, humour, audience engagement, and emotional awareness remain essential building blocks. By seamlessly integrating technology, you can amplify your reach, create immersive experiences, and engage with your audience on multiple levels, which is essential when your audience is likely to be assimilators of different types of information. The key lies in striking a balance between the timeless art of communication and the dynamic possibilities that technology offers. As you embark on this journey, remember that authenticity, credibility, empathy, and genuine connections are the bedrock upon which your communications strategy should be built.

About the author

Emma Brain, Media Professional & Confidence Coach, has 30 years’ experience working in the media and entertainment industry as a radio presenter, news reader, events host, voice over, actress, journalist and writer.

She’s combined all this experience, as well as completing a qualification to become an Emotional Intelligence Practitioner, accredited to the CTAA in the UK, in her role as a Confidence Coach.