7 skills in demand for MENA startups
Priya Wadhwa

7 skills in demand for MENA startups

Here's what startups are looking for in the ideal candidate.

For a startup with limited resources, the team is the most crucial aspect for success. The founder invests time and money to hire employees and get the necessary paperwork done.

There is no shortage of talent looking for jobs in the market. Many simply apply without being vaguely aware of the position and the role. On the other hand, with many responsibilities, entrepreneurs can find it difficult to choose which position they should be hiring for.

So here are the top 7 skills in demand for startups in the region:

1. Sales: You need to get more clients and see your product and services, so this is your best bet. People you hire need to have the skills to step into different shoes as required.

2. Marketing automation: Use MailChimp, slack, chatbox, social media scheduling apps, and other services that automate your marketing process. It helps simplify processes and save time.

3. Growth hacking: it’s not just about marketing or sales, the primary focus should be growth, which comes by multiple means. A growth marketer needs to be able to demonstrate deep analytical and technical skills, including programming, coding, SEO, copywriting, and more.

4. Technical: We live in a digital world. And if you’re a tech startup, having an experienced developer often becomes essential to strengthen your product and services.

5. Data analysis: Many startups rely on data to improve their product, it’s impossible not to.

6. Hustle: Hard work and dedication from employees are key. When they are committed and hustle to make the company’s visions come true, you’ve hit the gold mine.

7. Creativity: It’s a must for any job, be it for gaining insights from data, analysing trends, or finding innovative ways to grow your business, creativity is what differentiates us from artificial intelligence and automation processes.

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