Middle East and North Africa outsourcing value proposition
Rushika Bhatia

Middle East and North Africa outsourcing value proposition

The Information and Communication Technologies Practice at Frost & Sullivan, a growth partnership company, is pleased to host an Analyst Briefing titled Middle East and North Africa Outsourcing Value Proposition – How do we compete?, scheduled for Thursday, April 21st, 2011,  at 3:00 pm.

The fallout from the global recession continues to be felt throughout the Middle East and many organisations have changed the way in which they conduct their business operations. An increased trend in outsourcing is one strategy that allows for more cost effective operations. It also presents anopportunity for national governments to create more employment and leverage the pools of local talent.

Outsourcing industries have been successfully set up in countries in Asia and Africa and the Middle East seeks to follow the same route. This analyst briefing will examine the developments thus far in the region and benchmark its progress against those of other outsourcing markets – providing attendees with an outlook on the future of the region’s outsourcing industry.

Highlights of the briefing include analysis of collision trends, crash part market sizing, repair shop trends related to repair jobs, and component and chemical purchasing.

This briefing will be of interest to the region’s companies seeking to outsource their business processes as well as service providers into the industry. Regulators and industry promotion agencies will also gain insight into international best practices that can be utilised for the development of their domestic outsourcing industry.

According to Lindsey Mc Donald, Consultant, Information and Communication Technologies Practice, Middle East and North Africa (MENA), Frost & Sullivan, “The MENA outsourcing industry is relatively new with Egypt currently leading the way as a result of a well-laid out industry development strategy. Other countries in the region have seen the success of Egypt’s campaign and have followed suit to varying degrees. Frost & Sullivan’s latest analyst briefing will examine the value proposition offered by the Middle East outsourcing market and evaluate its position as a viable global competitor.”

To participate in this briefing, or for an interview, please contact Tanu Chopra/ Nimisha Iyer at tanu.chopra@frost.com / niyer@frost.com with the following information: your full name, company name, title, telephone number, office e-mail id, address, city, state, and country. Upon receipt of the above information, a registration link will be e-mailed to you. You may also register to receive a recorded version of the briefing by submitting the aforementioned details.