Microsoft and Cubical Services partner up
Priya Wadhwa
10X Industry

Microsoft and Cubical Services partner up

To accelerate Kuwaiti startup growth

Microsoft has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Cubical Services, to boost the Kuwaiti startup ecosystem in line with Kuwait Vision 2035.

Cubical Services is an incubator that offers planning, implementation, and operation services to aspiring entrepreneurs and to start-ups through its four main divisions: SME Division, Real Estate Division, Incubation Programs Division, and Entrepreneurship Programs Division. In partnership with Microsoft, they will be able to offer greater value and benefits to the cohort.

As per the agreement, startups will gain access to Microsoft for Start-ups program, which is designed to accelerate growth and innovation using the intelligent cloud.

“Vision 2035 demands the full commitment of incubators like Cubical Services,” said Abdulrahman J Alfawaz, CEO of Cubical Services. “But we also seek out partners that can support our efforts to guide, encourage and empower our homegrown innovators and entrepreneurs. Microsoft’s track record of mentoring businesses that are just starting out is exemplary. We now set out as partners to accelerate SME sector growth in pursuit of a future that will benefit all Kuwaitis.”

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