HubSpot and General Catalyst launch ELEVATE
Priya Wadhwa
10X Industry

HubSpot and General Catalyst launch ELEVATE

A virtual accelerator takes birth.

sOne more accelerator takes birth. This time it belongs to HubSpot, a leading growth platform, and General Catalyst, a venture capital firm, who have named it ELEVATE.

ELEVATE will be a virtual accelerator which will help early-stage startups by teaching them inbound marketing basics and effective growth strategy creation.

Overall the accelerator seems to focus on marketing tactics to grow a business, although it does include fundraising master class by General Catalyst and its portfolio founders.

Smaller corporates are joining the bandwagon to launch accelerators and incubators.

With the world economies paying more attention to startups to fuel long-term growth, the ecosystem is enjoying the spotlight, gaining the perks of multimillion-dollar investments and billion-dollar valuations. Accelerators have become the new universities, and companies are taking notice—naturally wanting to profit from the trend.It is no longer just tech giants and fortune 500 companies like Microsoft and Google who are launching accelerators. Whether it is alone or in partnership with investment firms and venture capital firms, (relatively) smaller companies are joining the bandwagon to launching accelerators and incubators.