Regional retailers intensify digital and social media presence
Rushika Bhatia
Industry Watch

Regional retailers intensify digital and social media presence

Giordano, a regional apparel retailer, is reinventing itself with plans to enter e-tailing as it continues to build its regional business assets by implementing strategic store expansion and refurbishment plans.

As part of the company’s venture, Giordano is introducing e-shopping via its website this year, strengthening its card less customer loyalty programme World Without Strangers (WWS), and, reaching out to thousands of customers through various digital and social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and YouTube.

Regional retailers intensify digital and social media presence
Giordano store at Al Madinah Jeddah

With a dual strategy to also invest in its physical presence in the region, Giordano has intensified upgrades of current stores and plan to open at least six more stores in 2011.

The digital marketing programme, which allows members to earn points and receive discounts, has more than 4,000,000 members worldwide with over 200,000 coming from the Middle East region.  WWS members in the region now contribute to 20% of Giordano sales in the Middle East.

Giordano is also making the move to e-shopping via its website, later this year, allowing customers the convenience of purchasing their favorite Giordano items from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

While there will be a strong focus on both the digital media, Giordano will continue to upgrade existing stores and open new stores in both current and new markets. This year, they have already completed the renovation of six stores in the region, opened five new stores in the UAE, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and also opened its first stores in Morocco and Iraq. Giordano will also be entering the Sri Lankan market with the opening of its first store in Colombo this year.

Recently, Giordano’s Burjuman outlet was awarded “Best Service Performing Outlet” in the Apparel Category by the Dubai Service Excellence Scheme for consistently maintaining good customer service standards throughout 2010.