Companies turn to outsourced manpower to increase efficiencies
Rushika Bhatia
Industry Watch

Companies turn to outsourced manpower to increase efficiencies

Companies in the region are increasingly learning the lessons of the global economic downturn and implementing cautious but smart strategies to adapt effectively to the dynamic market and still perform efficiently.

With uncertainty surrounding projects and changing dynamics at the workplace, several companies across the world are turning to manpower outsourcing firms to hire skilled blue collar workers, for projects on a temporary basis rather than employing them full time.

Outsourcing of skilled and qualified staff is fast becoming a common practice with companies across the UAE. “Much of the recruitment depends on the scale and scope of the project,” says Satnam Grover, General Manager of Manpower Services, Dulsco HR Solutions. “For example, when companies win new businesses or projects, they would prefer to focus on getting the job done quickly, instead of involving themselves in recruiting and screening new employees. Hence, outsourcing works well for such companies.”

Companies are also increasingly finding outsourcing manpower more cost-efficient, Grover added. “Where once companies spent their time in other employee-focused activities such as understanding regional labour laws or handling visa formalities, medical, bonuses, termination, and so on, they would prefer that a specialist recruiter manages these HR issues so that they can focus on their core businesses,” she said.

Manpower outsourcing works well in the region due to companies requiring temporary staff at relatively short notice. Companies such as Dulsco HR Solutions already have a pool of workers with specific skill sets.

“Given these trends, the outsourced manpower will continue to lead the way as world economies recover and companies are forced to adapt a flexible approach to business and meet consumers’ ever-rising expectations,” Grover added.