US Elections 2016: victory for Trump
Rushika Bhatia

US Elections 2016: victory for Trump

The most divisive presidential election in the history of the USA has finally come to a close with Donald J. Trump emerging victorious.

Experts from all across the globe shared their mixed feelings of the result. Tara Golshan said in her post on “It was an unexpected outcome for the Republican candidate, who beat out not only a stacked GOP primary field but also an even more formidable opponent in Hillary Clinton, who was consistently ahead of him in the polls up and in a much stronger position on the electoral map.”

Meanwhile, Diana Furchtgott-Roth, columnist on MarketWatch, shared the following view: “Trump took on the culture of political correctness—the trigger warnings, the safe spaces, the things that people weren’t supposed to say. For people who feel constrained by the new speech codes, where even wearing a sombrero on Halloween is deemed to be insensitive, Trump is a breath of fresh air.”

Here’s his full acceptance speech –