Little Thinking Minds raises $1.765M in Series A
Priya Wadhwa
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Little Thinking Minds raises $1.765M in Series A

Jordanian EdTech startup is redefining the learning sphere.

The Jordan-based regional EdTech startup, Little Thinking Minds, has received additional funding in its Series A round from ISSF (The Innovative Startups and SMEs Fund); bringing the investment round to a close at $1.765 million.

Little Thinking Minds is an award-winning leading education technology company that creates advanced digital solutions and platforms to improve learning outcomes for school-aged children. Its primary focus is the MENA region, with plans to expand beyond in due time.

Digitisation is transforming education and Little Thinking Minds are offering quality content with an engaging model in a region which has a growing student population. We are delighted to back this team led by Jordanian female entrepreneurs in the next phase of growth.
Laith Al-Qassem, CEO of ISSF

Investors who took part in this round include Algebra Ventures, Mindshift Capital and Al Turki Group. The ISSF is a private sector managed fund that invests in innovative startups and early stage SMEs. It recently received $50 million from the World Bank, as well as $48 million from the Central Bank of Jordan, bringing its total working capital to $98 million.

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