Zawya joins forces with Arabia 500 to help fast-growing regional small-and-medium businesses
Rushika Bhatia

Zawya joins forces with Arabia 500 to help fast-growing regional small-and-medium businesses

Zawya, an online provider of business intelligence on the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, have a new partnership with AllWorld Network, which aims to establish the largest information system and network of growth entrepreneurs in emerging markets. Zawya will serve as the Business Community Partner for AllWorld’s Arabia 500.

Being on the Arabia 500 ranking puts these companies on the world map, allowing them to greatly improve their odds of success. With worldwide visibility, ranked companies attract new investors, customers, joint venture partners and talent so they continue to grow and scale – AllWorld calls this concept Visibility Economics.

The first- ever Arabia 500 ranking will be announced on 16th to 17th November 2011 during the AllWorld Arabia 500 Awards & Global Summit, which is under the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan. The ranking is transparent and in order to be ranked companies have to demonstrate quantifiable resilience and verified revenues.  Allworld will check applicant companies’ credentials based on surveys and a review of audited financials.

Gunnar Skoog, Chief Executive Officer, Zawya said: “Being a regional SME that has succeeded, we are always keen to help entrepreneurs and fast-growth companies in MENA reach their full potential. The Arabia 500 is one of the most ambitious projects to date for the purpose of economic development in the Arab world and we are proud to be associated with it.”

Deirdre M. Coyle, Jr., Co-CEO and Co-Founder of AllWorld added: “The MENA region does not lack any capability as there are amazing entrepreneurs throughout the region; the real issue is their visibility.  They are off the economic map, investors aren’t looking for them, large firms don’t contract with them and talented college graduates have never heard of them. Without visibility, economic potential is artificially suppressed and few companies will ever get to truly scale. With its research and reach, Zawya is ideally suited to provide these companies with the knowledge and exposure they need to achieve scalability.”

All private non-listed companies from the Middle East and North Africa are invited to apply to the Arabia 500 at or