TECOM Investments Media Cluster launches ‘Thought Incubator’ workshop series
Rushika Bhatia

TECOM Investments Media Cluster launches ‘Thought Incubator’ workshop series

TheThought Incubator Series’ was launched this week by TECOM Investments Media Cluster to provide industry-specific information and innovative concepts to stakeholders. ‘Marketing to online communities’ was held on January 31st and focused on harnessing the power of online forums as a powerful marketing tool.

TECOM Investments Media Cluster launches ‘Thought Incubator’ workshop series
Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director of TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster

The series will feature monthly workshops, addressing issues from social media, online/digital media and public relations to advertising and marketing, media content and industry initiatives.

Mohammad Abdullah, Managing Director of TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster, said: “The Thought Incubator initiative will be an important platform for the media and marketing community to gain insight into trends, best practices and the tools driving the industry.

“It is also a unique opportunity for all media professionals within the Media Cluster community as well as external stakeholders to meet and network with peers and leading experts and take the best decisions that are critical to the success of their organisation,” he said.

The first session on ‘Marketing to Online Communities’ was conducted by CPI’s very own Magnus Nystedt, Group Editor Consumer Technology. With a background in teaching and technology journalism, as well as a unique combination of skills and interest make him a trustworthy source for audiences around the region. The session aimed to leverage the synergy between social media and online communities to advance marketing objectives, through platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin.

Nystedt said: “As a publishing company based in TECOM Investments Media Cluster, we at CPI think it is important to participate in similar community activities. We are ready to share our experience with others in the hope of helping and giving ideas. Personally, I believe this is just the beginning of a productive series of workshops, presentations and other activities that will have the power to educate and inspire,” he said.

The workshop comes at a time when the conversation in any market and for any business is increasingly being dominated by online platforms and largely taking place through the different types of social networking tools and services.

There are business people in the region who are active online but are not completely aware of which social platform they can utilise best for their business. The message during the workshop was that there was no one platform that could fix all for a company’s marketing and advertising needs – each had its own advantages and it was at the discretion of each business to pick and choose accordingly.

A thriving media community of over 1,800 companies/business partners at Dubai Media City plays a crucial role in contributing to the online and digital platforms that make up the TECOM Investments’ Media Cluster that also comprises Dubai Studio City and the International Media Production Zone. The cluster provides a complete value chain of specialised offerings that have created an established community hub for the media and content creation industries in the region.