Social media tips from Prototype workshop
Rushika Bhatia

Social media tips from Prototype workshop

Prototype, a full service interactive agency helping brands to design and develop online marketing strategies, web experiences and mobile solutions, last week held an interactive discussion workshop session on social networking for journalists.

The focus of the session was to create awareness and a greater understanding of what exactly social media is and how it can be utilised by both individuals and businesses. Prototype’s Chief Executive Officer, Alexander Rauser, began with a clear message from the outset: “The social networking platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin are tools within the wider spectrum of social media and we should not rely too heavily on one single platform for business related issues such as advertising and marketing. In recent times social networking has been synonymous with social media but the clear distinction should be drawn between the two,” he said.

The most important element when adopting any social networking approach to aid your business should be a clear branding strategy. It was discussed amongst attendees at the workshop that Chris Kirubi, Chairman of Coca Cola Nairobi, commented that: “You don’t need a social media strategy – you need a brand strategy that leverages social media. Don’t get off the brand strategy just because there’s a new communications channel, that’s how you lose the plot as a brand. Technology is the tail, not the dog,” he said.

The concepts investigated during the workshop surrounded the social network platforms and what the current views are among various journalsits – some favoured the tweeting and some favoured Facebook but all agreed that each platform served a unique niche and required careful consideration before using.

A few tips…

•              Formulate a social media strategy aligned with your brand

•              Integrate all of your marketing efforts

•              Don’t base your online activities on your competitors

•              Be active

•              Acknowledge and recognise your audience

•              Make sure to respond to dissatisfied customers – even if it means meeting offline

•              Write content worth sharing

•              Make it easy for users to participate

•              Accept criticism

•              Don’t expect instantaneous results

Check out the video coverage and the views of some journalist attendees.