IMD Business Forum to focus on ‘Decision making in shifting times’
Rushika Bhatia

IMD Business Forum to focus on ‘Decision making in shifting times’

Over 220 business leaders from the GCC countries are expected to attend a Business Forum organized by IMD, a leading global business school, on the topic of Decision making in shifting times today, May 26th, in Dubai.

IMD Business Forums are held in different countries every year and are a platform to share IMD’s insights on the latest developments affecting businesses and decision-makers. The IMD Dubai Business Forum is an annual event which has taken place for the past 11 years.

The Business Forum in Dubai will focus on how the judgment of business and government leaders is affected by different economic, social and political elements; and will look at how to improve decision-making skills in an uncertain environment.

Prof. Didier Cossin, Director of the IMD Global Board Center and Professor of Finance and Governance at IMD, will be among the main speakers at the event. Besides extensive experience working with senior leaders to provide the latest thinking on best-in-class governance, Professor Cossin is also an advisor to the United Nations, central banks of several countries, the boards or executive committees of corporations, financial institutions and funds in Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

“Governance is the way in which decisions are taken at the very top of organisations (corporations, governments or others),” he said. “In the months and years following the financial crisis, companies in the Middle East and North Africa region accelerated their corporate governance reform. But recent events in the region highlight the importance of corporate governance applied for wider purposes. Now is the time to go beyond governance rules towards true practices and behaviours that will reinforce the trust of all into the future success of the companies and organisations concerned. These new models of governance need to be distinctive to the region and forcefully enacted.”

Dr. Hischam El-Agamy, IMD Executive Director and an expert in family business and competitiveness, will introduce the forum. He stated: “The individual decision-making of leaders can be a key factor to success or failure. The IMD Business Forum will serve as an opportunity to look at how judgment is affected by different elements. We will be able to address the types of decisions participants are facing or will be facing in the future and then examine the drivers of good intuition. In a participative way, the session will address how to improve one’s own ability to make the right decision in an uncertain environment.”

Abdulla Bin Kalban, President & Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Aluminium, will lead a session entitled “A successful survival strategy”.

Dr. El-Agamy will conclude with a session that looks at the IMD World Competitiveness 2011 rankings, with a particular emphasis on the performance of Gulf countries.

The IMD Business Forum will take place in Godolphin Ballroom at Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai.

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