Free management workshop for women entrepreneurs
Rushika Bhatia

Free management workshop for women entrepreneurs

The Center for Management & Professional Development at the University of Dubai (UD), a university in the UAE established by Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, is inviting women entrepreneurs to attend a free one-day management development workshop on 31st May at the SME Business Village in Dubai.

Open to all nationals, the workshops are designed to allow women entrepreneurs to develop specialised skills in management, marketing, finance and accounting and strengthen their ability to build and manage effective and profitable organisations. Key facilitators of the workshop will discuss topics such as Become a Highly Effective Woman Leader and Learn How to Effectively Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool.

The workshop will also provide an excellent platform to network with other women entrepreneurs in the UAE. Those who wish to participate must be at the initial start up stage of their business or with existing businesses who desire to develop their management skills to enhance their company’s revenues, profits and market impact.

The management development workshop is part of the Investment in Women Entrepreneurship initiative rolled out by UD and Citi Foundation to supplement entrepreneurial vision with entrepreneurial competence. Annually, UD runs a Diploma program in Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development for potential women entrepreneurs who enroll in a fully sponsored three months intensive training programme.

The goal of the programme is to assist potential entrepreneurs who are keen to plan and develop their business ideas into functioning enterprises managed by them on a full time basis. Each year 20 to 25 women are selected to undergo the training program which has touched the lives of more than 150 women to date.

Dr. Omar Hefni, President of UD, said: “The initiative has proven to be a unique proposition designed to address UAE’s labour market need for the right talent, and to enhance entrepreneurial skills. The entrepreneurship and business plan preparation workshop has opened doors for not only Emiratis but also expatriate women who have now got closer to realising their dreams of a small start up.”

Usha Kaul Saraf, Director, CMPD at UD said: “The workshop which is being offered free is a great opportunity that entrepreneurs in UAE must not miss. Participants will learn how to manage their business effectively through proper planning, setting of priorities, effective listening skills and other practical topics that will help them reach their goals. This is a one of a kind program being delivered in this region.

Although it is the seventh consecutive year, the content of the intensive diploma programme has evolved considerably with every passing year making it more relevant, practical and hands-on with full applied content. The rigor of the programme demands that participants as well as the trainers (who are industry practitioners) are pushed to yield results and the quality of the individual business plans submitted speak volumes. It is extremely rewarding to be instrumental in enabling the women to realise their potential and in turn contributing directly to the economy of the country.”

Two more workshops are scheduled in June. For more information about the programme, please contact +971 4 224 2472.