Trukkin: Pioneering a Digital Revolution in the Middle Eastern Logistics
Merlin Chacko
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Trukkin: Pioneering a Digital Revolution in the Middle Eastern Logistics

Explore how Trukkin leads Middle Eastern logistics with pioneering tech, driving the transition from traditional to digital operations in this article.

The Middle East is experiencing a rapid technological revolution that is permeating through every sector, and the logistics sector is no exception. In response, businesses within this industry are quickly adapting to the change and integrating technology across their solutions. It would not be amiss to say that Trukkin contributed to this wave of digital transformation in Middle Eastern logistics. 

Trukkin isn’t just a newcomer to the scene, it’s a disruptor that continues to reshape traditional logistics in the region with innovation and technology. In a conversation with Janardan Dalmia, Trukkin’s CEO & Founder, we delve into their journey and what makes them a transformative force in the industry today. 

Identifying the gap, seizing the opportunity

Founded in 2017 by Janardan Dalmia, a seasoned investment banker with a keen eye for opportunity, Trukkin emerged from a combination of the right industry insights and technological foresight.

Dalmia's epiphany struck during a business trip to Saudi Arabia, where he found himself face-to-face with the traditional practices prevalent in the region's logistics landscape. It was here that he envisioned a transformative shift, where technology would bridge the gap between the present and future. Thus, Trukkin was born, with a mission to revolutionise the $250 billion logistics industry in the Middle East.

Damia elaborates, “It was during a business trip to Saudi Arabia that I met with a conglomerate's industry leader and realised that the Middle East transportation sector was still waiting for its Industry 4.0 moment, where technology-driven platforms would transform the way shippers and transporters conduct business.”

Thus, began their startup, with its roots firmly planted in the United Arab Emirates. 

Taking the lead in driving innovation

The vision for Trukkin was clear in Janardan’s mind, and this helped him tackle the initial challenges head-on. Their innovative solution made things much easier. As soon as its impact was clear, it gained rapid acceptance in the region and industry. 

So, what was their solution? The company’s intelligent navigation, powered by AI, IoT, and GPS technologies, turned out to be a game-changer. By optimising routes and prioritising sustainability, they not only streamlined trucking operations, but also reduced carbon emissions.

“Our navigation system uses GPS data to figure out alternative routes and sends out alerts in case our drivers veer off course. Leveraging information from multiple providers helps Trukkin provide intelligent route selection, which finds the fastest route instead of the shortest one. This selection helps trucks to drive at a consistent speed that helps in lowering emissions, decreasing fuel consumption and tire wear, and reducing truck maintenance costs while being good for the environment at the same time.”

Evolving trucking currents in the Middle East

Tracing the changes in the trucking industry over the last few years, Janardan shares, “The trucking and logistics industry in the Middle East has undergone significant transformation since 2017. Before, individual truckers didn’t have easy access to the larger market, nor did they have easy access to corporate clients who would usually prefer to deal with larger freight companies as opposed to individual drivers. Now, with the use of a techno-logistics system, the company’s seamless, powerful products enable faster delivery, a consistent and reliable system, and a transparent platform for both truckers and shippers.”

Trukkin's impact on the industry is palpable, with tangible statistics highlighting its transformative influence:

Operational Efficiency: Through the implementation of real-time tracking and efficient route planning, Trukkin has helped trucking companies slash delivery times by an average of 20%. This boost in efficiency has not only enhanced productivity but has also elevated customer satisfaction levels.

Cost Reductions: Trukkin's technology-driven solutions have translated into substantial cost savings for its clients. With an average 15% decrease in transportation charges, businesses have witnessed a significant improvement in their bottom line, making logistics operations more financially viable than ever before.

Environmental Impact: In line with its commitment to environmental sustainability, Trukkin has spearheaded initiatives to reduce carbon emissions per delivery by an impressive 25%. By streamlining routes and promoting eco-friendly driving habits, Trukkin is not only driving economic prosperity but also safeguarding the planet for future generations.

Transparency: Central to Trukkin's ethos is the importance of transparency in every aspect of the logistics process. By providing clear insights into shipping costs, fuel consumption, and route planning, Trukkin is empowering stakeholders with the information they need to make informed decisions. This newfound transparency is not just a game-changer; it's a cornerstone of Trukkin's commitment to revolutionising the logistics industry.

Expanding horizons and embracing change

Trukkin's expansion journey has been marked by bold moves and strategic decisions. With a presence in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Pakistan, Trukkin has solidified its position in key markets, navigating challenges with agility and foresight.

“In the UAE, a highly competitive and tech-savvy market, we invested heavily in building a robust digital platform, offering real-time tracking, transparent pricing, and streamlined logistics solutions. By leveraging our strong network of partners and a deep understanding of local regulations, we navigated the complex business landscape and established ourselves as a trusted provider in the region.”, reflects Janardan.

Expanding into Pakistan during the pandemic showcased Trukkin's adaptability. By focusing on essential goods transport and leveraging technology for efficient operations, Trukkin not only weathered the storm but also gained trust and loyalty in the market. In Saudi Arabia, Trukkin aligned with the Vision 2030 plan, establishing itself as a major player in the country's transportation industry.

He added, “However, we’re not stopping here. Trukkin will continue to expand and add to its long-growing list of operational locations.”

The Road Ahead: Partnering for Progress, Shaping the Future

In May 2019, Trukkin embarked on its funding journey with a $3.5 million pre-Series investment round. Spearheaded by prominent family offices such as the Al-Namlah Family Group and the Al-Madi Family Group, alongside long-term investor Batic, this initial infusion of capital laid the groundwork for Trukkin's expansion and development. Subsequently, in 2021, Trukkin secured a $7 million investment round for its Series A round, led by Saudi-based Emkan Capital. With contributions from Impact46 Seed Fund, Taya Group, and other notable investors, this funding injection propelled Trukkin towards its ambitious growth objectives, underlining investor confidence in its vision and potential.

Looking ahead, Trukkin envisions meaningful collaborations with both government and private entities, shaping the future of logistics in the Middle East and beyond. 

On the government front, partnerships with customs departments and economic development organisations aim to streamline border clearance procedures, incentivize expansion, and foster innovation in the logistics industry. In the private sector, collaborations with e-commerce platforms, fleet management companies, technology providers, and supply chain partners are poised to enhance operational efficiency, maximise productivity, and improve service standards. 

With a steadfast vision for the future, as resolute as their founding principles back in 2017, there's no doubt that Trukkin will continue revolutionising the logistics industry, empowering stakeholders, and bringing positive change for years to come.