NomuHub: Your Passport to Sustainable Travel
Merlin Chacko
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NomuHub: Your Passport to Sustainable Travel

NomuHub embodies the future of travel through sustainable tourism, aligning seamlessly with its mantra "travel with a purpose." Explore how this Dubai-based startup, attuned to the essence of purposeful travel, is reshaping the tourism landscape through its meaningful programs.

In a world where travel is often a means of escape and relaxation, one startup is crafting a different narrative. NomuHub, a Dubai-based sustainable travel company founded in 2017, is on a mission to inject purposeful experiences into your travel itineraries. As the world gradually awakens to conscious and sustainable tourism, NomuHub rides the new waves with responsibility. 

Muatasam Aulaqi, Co-Founder of NomuHub, reflects on his own experiences that birthed the idea of the startup, “During my college years, I had the privilege of immersing myself in different countries, and it was during these experiences that I noticed a significant gap in our region - a lack of purpose-driven travel opportunities”.

Creating conscious itineraries

NomuHub meticulously curates each of its travel programs, underscoring a commitment to their mission. This is evident in their rigorous selection process for destinations and partnerships - a process designed to ensure that each traveler becomes a catalyst for positive social impact in the communities that they explore. Operating in nine diverse destinations spanning continents, their approach is collaborative and inclusive. NomuHub actively engages with a range of entities including government organizations, universities, schools, and private companies. These partnerships offer the necessary expertise, resources and local knowledge that help NomuHub execute their travels.

“Our selection criteria encompasses various factors, including the purpose of the experience, age group, travel impact, duration, and the critical aspect of sustainability. We rigorously seek out partners who share our commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. Sustainability is at the core of our decision-making process”, says Muatasam. 

The startup’s unique proposition lies not just in exploration, but in contribution. Volunteer opportunities form the backbone of their ethos. This isn’t mere token volunteering; their efforts are substantiated by tangible results and numbers. 

Celebrating all the wins 

NomuHub began its journey as a self-funded enterprise without acquiring any external fundings. Throughout this journey, understanding their unique value proposition and conveying their company’s message clearly to the target audience has helped them establish a presence in the sustainable travel industry. 

Muatasam believes that this is crucial for businesses to sustain in the industry, “Every company needs to establish a distinct message and voice. This voice serves as a means to connect with your target audience effectively. In the competitive travel industry, differentiation and effective communication are key”. 

These statements are backed by merit. Muatasam was recognized as one of Forbes 30 under 30 for leading sustainable travel in the industry. NomuHub successfully reached 10,000 travelers, another major milestone for the startup that further demonstrated their growth and the trust that conscious travelers are placing on them. 

Beyond quantifiable metrics, NomuHub boasts achievements that resonate with enduring impact. With a sense of pride, he lists some of these accomplishments: “Some memorable achievements include building the first green classroom in Bali, where we witnessed the joy and excitement in the eyes of the children as they studied in a sustainable environment. We also designed a winter camp program "teaching trip"  in Zanzibar, focusing on climate change and the environment, providing children with a unique interactive educational experience. Another one of our notable achievements was the construction of a sustainable art-piece, the Tanafaas dome in AlUla, Saudi Arabia. This project motivated 700 participants to be part of something meaningful and visually stunning using recycled palm fronds to build a structure.”

Sustainable horizons ahead 

In the wake of the post-COVID era, a noticeable surge in global travel has unfolded, accompanied by consequential challenges. A stark revelation from the International Energy Agency (IEA) illuminates the aviation sector's contribution, accounting for 2% of global CO2 emissions in 2022. Concurrently, the hospitality industry is earnestly striving to mitigate its environmental footprint.

Traditionally, the repercussions of international travel on local communities were given scant attention. However, the tide is turning, with world governments now focusing on eco-tourism and allocating investments towards its advancement. The imperative is clear: finding avenues to curtail travelers' carbon footprint while enhancing their positive impact on local communities and the environment. NomuHub emerges as a pivotal facilitator in this transformative journey.

“The future of sustainable tourism looks really promising”, believes Muatasam. A big part of this transformation are the tourists themselves, who are increasingly choosing sustainable travel options. This sentiment is echoed by the Co-Founder, “More and more travelers are becoming aware of the importance of sustainability and actively seeking out travel options that are environmentally friendly and responsible. This shift in consumer behavior is pushing the tourism industry to make changes and prioritize sustainability. 

Travelers now understand that their choices can have a significant impact on the environment. They are actively looking for destinations, accommodations, and activities that align with their values and have a positive impact on the planet. To meet this demand, the tourism industry is stepping up its game. Many destinations are implementing eco-friendly initiatives like using renewable energy, reducing waste, and supporting conservation efforts. Accommodations are also doing their part by adopting sustainable practices, such as designing energy-efficient buildings and offering locally sourced and organic food options.”

NomuHub underscores the importance for the travel industry's evolution towards conscientious choices. In advocating for sustainable tourism, the startup not only charts a course for the future of the travel industry but also highlights the imperative for responsible global tourism. The onus of sustainability does not lie solely with governments, but extends to the deliberate actions of businesses and individuals alike. Only this can ensure the long-term viability of the travel industry.