Fuel on demand? Meet CAFU
Priya Wadhwa
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Fuel on demand? Meet CAFU

CAFU launches the Middle East's first on-demand fuel delivery service app in the UAE

Did you know people in the UAE spend 30 minutes on average at a fuel station? CAFU, an app developed entirely in the UAE aims to change this.

They’ve developed an app wherein you can register your car and payment details, and whenever you want to refuel, simply point your location on the map and leave your fuel tank unlocked; and they’ll refuel it as per your schedule.

Currently available only in Dubai, it delivers quality petrol in both Super 98 and Special 95.

The smart new solution for UAE’s citizens and residents is said to be inspired by the country’s visionary leaders and futuristic plans.

"We are proud to unveil the region’s first on-demand fuel delivery app. Dubai as a smart city known for its dynamic environment that enables the development of new innovative technologies for its people, providing them with convenient solutions. With CAFU, we are excited to bring a world class service that redesigns the whole refueling process, making it simple, safe, and convenient.”
Rashid Al Ghurair, founder, CAFU

CAFU’s fuel delivery is handled by its own fleet of fuel trucks driven by “CAFU Pilots” who follow world-class standards in safety and delivery of fuel. All pilots are HAZMAT trained and certified to handle fuel with CAFU’s vehicles that are equipped with the latest safety technology.