CarbonSifr: In Pursuit of a Tech-Enabled Decarbonised Future
Merlin Chacko
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CarbonSifr: In Pursuit of a Tech-Enabled Decarbonised Future

Discover how CarbonSifr, a Dubai-based startup, is leveraging technological innovation to drive climate action and help companies achieve their net zero goals. Explore their journey from securing significant funding to impactful collaborations - all in a year.

The UAE declared 2023 as the “Year of Sustainability”, aligning its vision with a call for urgent climate action. In the same year, a groundbreaking climate technology startup was founded in Dubai - CarbonSifr. 

The innovative startup focuses on helping organizations achieve ‘decarbonisation at scale’ through intelligent climate tech solutions that seamlessly integrate into the fabric of their operations. The solutions are implemented in the most simple and user-friendly way, allowing them to be easily embraced by existing customers without disrupting their day-to-day interactions with the organizations. 

“Pressure for climate action is increasing and our region is no exception”, shares Mustafa Serdar Bosca, Co-Founder of CarbonSifr. “Climate action is not only a good thing to do for the planet but also an essential strategic lever for an SME.”

CarbonSifr has attracted significant funding through investors from the Middle East and Europe, namely countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany and of course, the UAE, recognized the potential of this venture and rallied behind its mission. This injection of capital has allowed CarbonSifr to maximize and amplify its impact on a global scale. 

The core of CarbonSifr’s approach lies in the integration of its API with clients’ customer touchpoints. This strategic move helps businesses measure their carbon footprint with ease, providing them with AI-powered recommendations to reduce and ultimately remove their emissions. Mustafa believes their solutions can be really helpful for SMEs - “We, at CarbonSifr, provide technology solutions to easily measure, reduce and remove the carbon footprint of an SME in line with government and customer expectations. By doing so, while an SME focuses on its core business, we help them unlock new value creation through climate action”. 

Despite launching in 2023, CarbonSifr has been able to successfully forge remarkable partnerships and collaborations to further its mission. Imagine a world where even the act of purchasing can become a sustainable and climate-friendly endeavor. These are the kind of innovative solutions they are envisioning and creating. 

The impact of CarbonSifr goes beyond boardrooms. In July, the startup collaborated with Abu Dhabi’s Emirates Driving Company (EDC). Together, they introduced a “green driving license package” that allows individuals to see the carbon emissions associated with obtaining a driving license. Users are then given an option to turn their license green. How creative is that? 

Furthermore, CarbonSifr has joined hands with Careem, to empower customers to make eco-friendly choices. How? Customers can choose the “eco-friendly” car type while booking rides through Careem and by contributing a mere AED 0.05 per km, users can actively participate in reducing carbon emissions and even support nature-based initiatives, such as the restoration of mangrove forests.

Recognizing the startup’s significant contributions to the field, Emirates Nature-WWF has selected the startup as its climate-tech partner. During the ongoing COP28, CarbonSifr was honored with the “Leader of Change” award by Emirates Nature-WWF, cementing its status as a strong force in the UAE’s sustainable future. 

Along with these fantastic collaborations, CarbonSifr is also part of Hub71’s Company Building Program, standing amongst a cohort of equally impressive sustainability startups. They are also part of Google for Startups Accelerator. 

In sync with the objectives of COP28 and the UAE, CarbonSifr is charting a path for other sustainability startups in the climate tech sector. Leveraging technology and AI - both overlapping and highly pertinent in today’s world - they are empowering companies to reach the shared aspiration of net zero.