Want to understand AI better? Start with these terms
Priya Wadhwa
Artificial Intelligence

Want to understand AI better? Start with these terms

Get the basics right.

If you want to understand the world of artificial intelligence better, here’s where you start. Once you know the following terms, what they mean and how they apply to our world, understanding AI startups, technologies and news becomes a whole lot easier.

Machine Learning

You know how Gmail gives you predictive text for email replies? This is thanks to machine learning. Basically, through algorithms, the tech learns what the likely response would be. This is also behind Google’s voice assistant that made a lot of people uncomfortable with how similar an AI voice and style of talk mimics a human being.

Neural Networks

Compare AI software to a human brain. Within neural networks, AI performs calculations which help it quickly sift through tons of data in minute detail. This is how it recognises patterns which even humans may overlook. Baidu search in China uses this.

Deep Learning

This is one of AI’s biggest breakthroughs. It is neural networks combined with machine learning, which gives it the power to crunch enormous amounts of data. This can be found in everyday software, such as ones that recognise snow leopards in photos or track your face in photos.

Reinforcement Learning

The software learns through failing or succeeding at tasks. Combined with deep learning, it can lead to breakthroughs where computers are able to solve complicated puzzles faster than humans. Facebook’s ­targeted notifications are a result of this technology.

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