WegoPro Debuts in 7 MENA Markets, Bringing 21st Century Solutions to Business Travel and Expense Management
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

WegoPro Debuts in 7 MENA Markets, Bringing 21st Century Solutions to Business Travel and Expense Management

WegoPro, the result of Wego's acquisition of Travelstop, aims to simplify and modernise business travel and expense management with a fully localised platform across seven key MENA markets.

Wego, the online travel marketplace in the MENA region, has unveiled WegoPro, a platform designed to simplify business travel and expense management for companies globally. This announcement follows the acquisition of Travelstop by Wego in September 2023, solidifying Wego's commitment to providing travel solutions to businesses in the region.

WegoPro is set to debut in seven key markets in the MENA region, including Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, and Egypt. The rebranding aligns with Wego's vision to capitalise on the growing demand for modern and innovative business travel solutions in the region.

Market research experts anticipate that the global business travel market will surpass a value of US$1.8 trillion by 2027, with a return to pre-pandemic levels of US$1.4 trillion in the current year. The MENA region and Asia are expected to be significant contributors to this growth, presenting a substantial opportunity for WegoPro.

Ross Veitch, Wego CEO & Co-Founder, highlighted the discrepancy between personal and professional travel booking experiences, stating, "With the launch of WegoPro today, we are leveraging technology and our deep experience in the B2C space to bring business travel & expense management into the 21st century.”

WegoPro offers a diverse range of flight and hotel options, streamlining the business travel booking process. The platform incorporates advanced machine learning and AI-driven personalisation to tailor experiences for companies and their employees, significantly reducing the time needed for research and booking.

Prashant Kirtane, WegoPro CEO, emphasised the platform's commitment to simplicity and efficiency, stating, "Our goal is to provide a modern and innovative solution that streamlines corporate travel and expense management, offering businesses more control, flexibility, and efficiency, especially for today's modern business traveler.”

WegoPro introduces streamlined, multi-level approval workflows and unlimited travel policies, providing flexibility and visibility to companies and their employees. The platform also includes a comprehensive expense reporting system with reporting tools and actionable insights, empowering business owners to optimise expenditure efficiently.

Since the acquisition of Travelstop, Wego has enhanced the platform to meet the specific needs of MENA businesses. WegoPro is excited to introduce a fully localised version of its business travel platform across seven key MENA markets, ensuring a familiar and region-specific experience for business travellers, enhancing their efficiency and convenience.