Virtuzone and GEMS Education Team Up with Yspot to Bridge the Youth-Employer Gap
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Virtuzone and GEMS Education Team Up with Yspot to Bridge the Youth-Employer Gap

The collaboration aims to seamlessly connect GEMS students with startup opportunities, offering employment pathways, specialised courses, and a commitment to bridging the education-to-career gap for the youth.

Yspot, the youth agency in the UAE, announces a partnership between its existing distinguished partner, Virtuzone, and GEMS Education, one of the world's largest private school operators. This collaboration aims to revolutionise connectivity between regional youth and organisations, boosting transformative opportunities in employment and mentorship for students.

In an effort to address the dynamic landscape of startups and SMEs, Yspot orchestrated a partnership between Virtuzone and GEMS Education. The symbiotic collaboration serves to effectively connect students with job opportunities within organisations, with Virtuzone extending its vast ecosystem of SMEs and startups to GEMS students.

Virtuzone, a key player in this collaboration, will not only provide valuable employment opportunities but also contribute to the growth of GEMS students by offering access to specialised knowledge through tailored entrepreneurship courses. This comprehensive platform seeks to empower students with real-world industry knowledge, bridging the gap between education and career opportunities in the region's dynamic business landscape.

George Hojeige, Group CEO of Virtuzone, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "We firmly believe in the intrinsic value and limitless potential that the youth bring, and we are thrilled to create meaningful opportunities for GEMS students through our extensive network.”

Matthew Tompkins, Vice President – GEMS For Life at GEMS Education, echoed the excitement, saying, "The expertise that Virtuzone and Yspot will add to our students’ learning will be invaluable to their development.”

The collaboration signifies a shared commitment among Yspot, Virtuzone, and GEMS Education to actively build a connection between the younger generation and career opportunities, nurturing a transformative influence on both individuals and organisations.

As the leading youth agency in the UAE, Yspot remains dedicated to facilitating connections between organisations and youth, utilising AI-driven tools and services. The platform provides access to skills tests designed to stimulate professional growth, allowing organisations to identify candidates whose abilities align seamlessly with their needs.

Yspot, a female-led startup, has already established partnerships with organisations and universities across the UAE, including American University Sharjah, L’Oreal, and Ingram Micro. The collaboration with Virtuzone and GEMS Education reflects Yspot's ongoing commitment to offering internship opportunities for youth and bridging the gap between education and the professional realm.