UPS eCycles to deliver at Expo 2020 Dubai
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

UPS eCycles to deliver at Expo 2020 Dubai

New fleet of four-wheeled e-assist quadricycle and three-wheeled e-bikes are part of the UPS’ private fleet of alternative-powered vehicles

As the Official Logistics Partner of Expo 2020, UPS is expanding its onsite fleet with electrically-assisted cycles (eCycles). The company’s recently updated Fernhay eQuad, a four-wheeled e-assist quadricycle, its three-wheeled Rytle eBikes will serve the logistics needs of participating countries and visitors during the six-month event.

“UPS is bringing best practices to Expo 2020 and we’re excited to provide logistics deliveries onsite with eCycles during the event,” said Alan Williams, UPS vice president for Expo 2020 Dubai. “We look forward to continuing to identify more sustainable, productive and effective operations in logistics, during and after the expo.”

These new vehicles build on UPS’s growing fleet of sustainable delivery solutions that improve air quality, decrease congestion and reduce emissions. They’re also closely aligned with the UAE’s Circular Economy Policy 2021-2031 and the UAE Green Agenda 2030.

These eCycles are ideal for navigating dense, highly trafficked areas. Trained riders will operate between the five UPS customer counters, country pavilions and onsite warehouse to deliver packages, documents and goods for replenishment. Zero-emission vehicles like these are a key part of UPS’s commitment to helping create a carbon neutral future.

The eCycles developed in partnership with Fernhay and Rytle are specifically designed to improve efficiency, rider ergonomics, speed and agility onsite, while also reducing environmental impact.

UPS began in 1907 when two teenagers with one bicycle between them started a business running errands, shuttling notes and telegrams and making home deliveries. The introduction and expansion of eCycles marks a return to the company’s roots.

“We’re optimizing our fleet with innovative solutions that enhance future use cases,” added Luke Wake, UPS vice president of fleet maintenance and engineering. “With continuous investments in alternative fuel technology, we are moving our world forward by delivering what matters – a cleaner and safer network, and planet.”

The vehicles arrived in April to be used for demonstration and training at Expo 2020.