UAE Pioneers Next-Gen Manufacturing
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

UAE Pioneers Next-Gen Manufacturing

It aims to Propel Innovation in Manufacturing Industry, Providing Tailored Support for Startups to Thrive and Contribute to National Industrial Strategy.

So, Emirates Development Bank, along with Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry, just announced something pretty exciting. They've launched Sheraa’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing and Consumer Packaged Goods – a first-of-its-kind initiative in the UAE. Essentially, this collaboration aims to boost innovation in the manufacturing industry by nurturing advanced manufacturing startups and fostering an entrepreneurial culture in the country.

At this launch event, representatives from EDB, Sheraa, and SCCI came together to seal the deal. They're planning to provide a bunch of support services for these startups, like mentorship, market access, and financing options tailored to different stages of growth.

For instance, EDB will offer SME incubation for up to three years, along with equity financing and micro finance options for startup costs. They'll also provide preferential financing terms for equipment and working capital for more established SMEs. SCCI will help with market entry and export opportunities, while Sheraa will handle programs, mentorship, and selecting startups.

The idea is to create an ecosystem where startups can thrive, aligning with the UAE's goal of being a global leader in future technologies and industrial innovation. This initiative also ties into the national strategy for industry and advanced technology, aiming to stimulate business activities within the industrial sector for sustainable economic development.

The Sheraa Center of Excellence is seen as a significant addition to the UAE's industrial landscape, aiming to leverage advanced technologies to bolster the country's reputation as a top industrial hub. It's not just about setting up the centre; they're also planning to participate in manufacturing events, offer capacity-building programs, and provide access to valuable data for market analysis and business validation. It's all about equipping startups with the skills and resources they need to succeed in the manufacturing sector.