UAE and Saudi Arabia Defend Against 50,000 Daily Cyber Threats: GCC Cybersecurity Industry Set to Triple by 2030
Mokshita P.
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UAE and Saudi Arabia Defend Against 50,000 Daily Cyber Threats: GCC Cybersecurity Industry Set to Triple by 2030

Report from Frost & Sullivan highlights UAE's defence against 50,000 daily cyberattacks, emphasising region's US$13.4 billion industry growth by 2030, and upcoming GISEC Global 2024 as important cybersecurity event.

In a report unveiled by Frost & Sullivan, the UAE revealed its repulsion of over 50,000 cyberattacks daily in 2023, marking a milestone in the region's cybersecurity landscape. The report also indicated that in the first three quarters of the same year, the UAE thwarted a total of over 71 million attempted cyberattacks. This data underscores the exponential growth in cyber threats faced by the UAE and the broader GCC region.

As the Middle East braces for escalating cyber threats, countries like the UAE and Saudi Arabia are witnessing an uptick in technology adoption across key sectors such as finance, healthcare, and manufacturing. This surge in digitisation has amplified the need for cybersecurity measures and regulatory frameworks to safeguard against potential breaches.

Recognising the imperative of bolstering cybersecurity resilience, governments in the region are taking proactive steps to address existing challenges. Initiatives include the establishment of cyber-specific departments, innovation centres, and educational campaigns aimed at raising awareness and bridging the skills gap in the cybersecurity workforce.

Saudi Arabia and the UAE, in particular, have emerged as frontrunners in cybersecurity, ranking second and fifth, respectively, among 194 participating countries in the ITU Global Cybersecurity Index 2020. Both nations have implemented extensive regulatory approaches and invested in initiatives to promote cybersecurity innovation and education.

Furthermore, upcoming events like GISEC Global 2024, slated to take place at the Dubai World Trade Centre from April 23-25, underscore the region's commitment to collaboration, innovation, and talent development in the cybersecurity domain. With over 20,000 visitors and 750 exhibiting companies expected to participate, including industry leaders like Cloudflare and Spire Solutions, GISEC Global 2024 promises to be the Middle East and Africa's largest and most impactful cybersecurity event.

Against the backdrop of geopolitical instability and rapid technological advancements, the Middle East continues to position itself as a global leader in cybersecurity, leading innovation and setting new standards for cyber resilience in the digital age.