TAMM launches Abu Dhabi Pay for all government services
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

TAMM launches Abu Dhabi Pay for all government services

The new platform is Abu Dhabi government’s latest initiative to advance digital transformation and strengthen the emirate’s leadership in e-government services

The Department of Government Support, as represented by the Abu Dhabi Digital Authority (ADDA), has launched its digital payment platform, Abu Dhabi Pay through its Government Services ecosystem, TAMM. Abu Dhabi Pay provides secure and standardised methods of digital payment for all government services across different channels, representing a further step toward digital sustainability. The launch, under the supervision of The Higher Committee of the Digital Government, is a new step towards accelerating the pace and impact of digital transformation and innovating more solutions and services aimed at facilitating the lives of Abu Dhabi residents and business communities.

Through Abu Dhabi Pay, customers will benefit from multiple safe payment options, one-time payments for multi-party services, and unified customer experiences on all government channels. Similarly, government entities will benefit from a unified platform for all channels and support, reducing errors while boosting career development for employees.

Abu Dhabi Pay platform is fully aligned with the recent efforts and initiatives announced by the Abu Dhabi government that come within the framework of the Digital Month initiative that aims to enhance customer benefits through innovative digital services and solutions and shed light on the benefits that both citizens and residents, who rely more on digital services instead of physical visits to service centres, can avail to complete the services and transactions that they need. Additionally, the initiative stresses the role that digital solutions and services play in saving time for individuals and allowing them to focus more on other activities and positive aspects in their daily lives.

Abu Dhabi Pay also offers many other features such as payment processing, reconciliation and settlement, reports and audit, and one payment for several settlements. Payment channels include portals, mobile apps, POS, and cash deposit machines where payment methods include e-debit, e-wallet, credit cards, and cash. Currently, digital wallet and credit card payments are available while direct bank debit and other solutions for cash management will be added to the platform.

The initiative demonstrates the proactive approach to government services now in place, with TAMM providing convenience to customers and government entities alike. The government entities adopting the platform at this stage are the Abu Dhabi Police, Department of Health, Department of Energy, Department of Economic Development, Department of Municipalities and Transport, Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, and the General Administration of Customs, all of which have chosen to adopt the new platform for advantages such as ease of transfer, the ability to effectively transition and connect with the platform, and the need to unify the multiplicity of payment channels for the services provided. Additionally, most of the government entities provide services to other parties that require the application of the single discount feature and multiple settlements.