Streamline Your UAE Workforce: Introducing RemotePass's Direct Employee Solution
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Streamline Your UAE Workforce: Introducing RemotePass's Direct Employee Solution

RemotePass launches 'Direct Employee,' streamlining HR processes for UAE businesses. Aligns with UAE's talent goals, offers comprehensive solutions for employment management, boosting global competitiveness.

You know RemotePass, right? They're known for their contractor management and employer-of-record services across 150 countries. Well, they just launched something big in the UAE called 'Direct Employee.' It's a game-changer for companies there, whether they're in free zones or on the mainland.

Direct Employee basically lets companies handle everything related to their local and global employees in one place. Think creating employment contracts, tracking expenses and time off, generating HR documents, and getting insights through analytics and reports. Plus, it's super handy with approval workflows and integrates smoothly with tools like QuickBooks.

Why is this such a big deal? Because it aligns perfectly with what the UAE wants - attracting and keeping the best talent. They're already leading in the Arab world for global talent competitiveness, and Direct Employee just boosts that. Kamal Reggad, the CEO of RemotePass, talked about how they saw the unique challenges in the UAE and built this product to tackle them. After testing it out with some clients, they're pumped to roll it out to everyone. It's all about transforming how UAE businesses handle their local and global workforce.