Shaza Hotels unveils expansion plans in GCC
Mita Srinivasan
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Shaza Hotels unveils expansion plans in GCC

The expansion plans include Mysk Jeddah, Mysk Kuwait, Shaza Salalah, Shaza Doha, Mysk The Palm in Dubai and The Mysk Moon Retreat in Mleiha, Sharjah.

Shaza Hotels has announced its expansion plans for various properties set to open in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman and Qatar over the next few years. These expansion plans include Mysk Jeddah, Mysk Kuwait, Shaza Salalah, and Shaza Doha with Mysk The Palm on Palm Jumeirah in Dubai scheduled to open in time for EXPO 2020 Dubai. Also in the pipeline is The Mysk Moon Retreat, also scheduled to open in 2021 in Mleiha region in Sharjah, offering luxury glamping tents with private pools and “unique service standards” unheard to the region.

In Saudi Arabia, Shaza already operates three luxury hotels in three prime locations: Shaza Makkah, Shaza Madinah, and Shaza Riyadh. Shaza also operates Mysk by Shaza Al Mouj Muscat, and the three retreats of Sharjah Collection by Mysk including Mysk Al Faya Retreat, Mysk Kingfisher Retreat, and Mysk Al Badayer Retreat. The Mysk Moon Retreat will be the fourth in the Emirate. Each of these retreats offer glamping, service rituals and guest experience, making them serene, luxurious, contemporary, and bespoke retreats.

Shaji Abu Salih, Corporate Director of Business Development at Shaza Hotels, said, “Travelling and the love of travel have always been a core value of everything that we do at Shaza, and our expansion plans are no different. You can see that in our interiors, in our hospitality, and our business as well. Like those true explorers of the past, we love travelling and we seek the adventure of a new place.”

Abu Salih also commented on the groups expansion plans within KSA, “As we expanded our successes to the region, we are also planning on retrieve some of those successes back to the Kingdom, especially with the opportunities brought by VISION 2030. Our next focus in Saudi is on eco-retreats and glamping experiences under the Mysk By Shaza brand, which is quite successful in UAE.”

While other brands may take pride in the cultural representation of their nations or locations, Shaza hotels took a different holistic approach of celebrating an integral part of the history of global civilization; the silk route. Shaza hotels offer their guests a continuation of their journey within the hotel itself, through curated experiences set in contemporary-luxury spaces, designed for those who seek to explore and delight in the lavish elements of the bygone Eastern roads of trade.