Setting Sail for Sustainability: Aramex and REGENT's Electric Sea-gliders Reshape Logistics Landscape
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Setting Sail for Sustainability: Aramex and REGENT's Electric Sea-gliders Reshape Logistics Landscape

REGENT, the US-based electric sea-glider manufacturer, collaborates with Aramex to explore sustainable middle mile logistics solutions in coastal and island communities, targeting deployment in the Middle East by 2024-25.

REGENT, the US-based electric sea-gliders manufacturer, and Aramex, a global leader in logistics and transportation solutions, have announced a strategic Memorandum of Understanding. This collaboration aims to explore the deployment of electric sea gliders, a cutting-edge mode of transportation, for efficient and sustainable cargo movement in coastal and island communities.

Sea-gliders, designed to combine the speed of aircraft with the convenience of boats, operate exclusively over water, utilising existing dock infrastructure to transport people and cargo up to 290 km with today’s battery technology. The partnership between REGENT and Aramex, facilitated by the Strategic Development Fund as a strategic investor in REGENT, will focus on assessing the feasibility of integrating high-speed sea-gliders into Aramex's existing logistics network.

Aramex, renowned for setting industry standards in express logistics, is committed to fostering innovation and adopting sustainable solutions to minimise environmental impact. Alaa Saoudi, Chief Operating Officer - Express at Aramex, expressed the company's dedication to exploring the transformative potential of electric sea-gliders. The collaboration with REGENT aligns with Aramex’s commitment to enhancing logistics capabilities and providing cleaner, more efficient alternatives to existing transport options.

Angad Singh, Global Director - Innovation at Aramex, highlighted the significance of expanding capabilities for moving packages efficiently over sea routes, especially in the context of the growth of coastal cities in the core region. The partnership with REGENT adds a vital component to Aramex's future vehicle program development, completing the trifecta of air, sea, and land transportation.

The initial focus of the collaboration will be on the Middle East, where Aramex will explore deployment opportunities for electric sea-gliders, followed by expansion into other key markets. The strategic partnership aims to pave the way for a more sustainable future of logistics, addressing the challenges of middle mile transportation and unlocking new economic potential across various markets.

Billy Thalheimer, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of REGENT, emphasised the vast, untapped opportunity for sustainable innovation in middle mile logistics. He highlighted the collaboration with forward-thinking logistics partners like Aramex as instrumental in accelerating REGENT's growth in the region, showcasing the multi-mission capabilities of electric sea-gliders.

As part of their joint efforts, Aramex and REGENT plan to pilot the electric sea-glider product in 2024-25, with subsequent scaling based on safety parameters, operational feasibility, regulatory considerations, and infrastructure readiness. The partnership envisions using sea-gliders for express and cargo movements in areas where coastal routes can address the use case safely and efficiently, launching in markets that present opportunities for coastal movements within Aramex's core network.