SAP shares expertise on Experience Management in the Banking Sector
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

SAP shares expertise on Experience Management in the Banking Sector

Special webinar series shares industry trends, learnings, and utilization of innovative technology to build a profitable customer base focusing on customer satisfaction

SME10x and SAP have partnered to host a series of webinars around expertise. The second in the series is the special one on 11 May on Experience Management in the Banking Sector. Banks are constantly assessing the sentiment of their customers to effectively refine their services and offerings and receiving the payback of loyalty in return.

SAP Qualtrics Experience Management is designed to help measure customer and employee expectations and identify products and service gaps, setting up a solid foundation for improving every experience. SAP Experience Management solutions combine X-data (experience) and O-data (costs, revenues, and sales). By collecting experience data at every meaningful touchpoint, banks (and other businesses) can analyze and understand experience gaps – and determine what to do about them, like automate actions across business functions to drive improvement in customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

The webinar with the team will help banks answer questions like how do you build experiences that earn long term customer loyalty. This is the question facing every customer experience team in the banking industry, especially in today’s turbulent times that have impacted consumers and businesses like never before.

You can access the full event here.