Rebound Teams Up with CPA to Lead the Charge in Circular Packaging Standards
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Rebound Teams Up with CPA to Lead the Charge in Circular Packaging Standards

The partnership aims to the adoption of sustainable packaging solutions, set new standards, and lead the UAE and global community towards a circular economy.

At COP28, Rebound, an enterprise dedicated to keeping plastics within the economic cycle and away from the environment, announces its partnership with the Circular Packaging Association. This collaboration aims to fortify endeavours in standardising plastics recyclates, leading the UAE and the global community towards harmonised material standards.

The signing of the agreement, a focal point of COP28, transpired at the International Holding Company's stand in the Green Zone. The alliance between Rebound and CPA is to advance crucial data analytics and insights, particularly focusing on material volume estimates in the UAE and the Gulf Cooperation Council region. Rebound's global trade expertise, the partnership is committed to boost sustainable packaging solutions.

Priya Sarma, Chair of the Circular Packaging Association, underscored the significance of this collaboration: "We firmly believe that collaboration is not only crucial but integral to achieving a circular economy. Our partnership with Rebound will harness the expertise of our organisations to expedite the adoption of sustainable packaging solutions, paving the way for a more sustainable future."

As part of this collaboration, Rebound will serve as a Knowledge Partner to the Circular Packaging Association, providing insights on global recycled plastics quality and infrastructure. This collaboration will encompass both food-grade and non-food-grade materials, ensuring the development of, and access to high-quality recycled plastics.

Maryam Al Mansoori, General Manager at Rebound, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration: "We, at Rebound, are excited to collaborate with the Circular Packaging Association, a leading organisation dedicated to achieving sustainable packaging solutions. Through our partnership, we aim to combine our expertise in global trade facilitation and drive collective efforts towards sustainable solutions, accelerating the establishment of a common standard for materials globally. This is a crucial step towards creating a circular economy that promotes sustainable practices and ensures a healthier planet for future generations."

The partnership between Rebound and CPA is set for the development of standards, enhance data analytics, and provide solutions, significantly contributing to the advancement of a circular economy. The primary focus will be on creating sustainable packaging solutions that are environmentally friendly and economically viable.

Anticipated to have a far-reaching impact on the region's packaging industry, this collaboration between Rebound and CPA is positioned to set new standards and promote the use of recycled materials, leading to sustainable innovation. This partnership stands as a testament to their commitment to environmental sustainability and their dedication to making a positive impact on the planet.