PayerMax and FTT Collaborate to Navigate MENA's Fintech Frontier
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

PayerMax and FTT Collaborate to Navigate MENA's Fintech Frontier

PayerMax partners with Fintech Tuesdays for a dynamic event in Dubai, emphasizing collaboration to unlock the full potential of digital payments in the rapidly growing MENA market.

PayerMax, a global payments solutions provider, collaborated with Fintech Tuesdays to host a gathering in Dubai, featuring over 100 industry experts from the banking and fintech sectors. The event, held recently, was dedicated to collaboration and exploring the burgeoning digital payments ecosystem in the MENA region.

In her opening remarks, PayerMax COO, Essay Zhu, expressed gratitude to FTT for the opportunity to engage with the MENA fintech community. Emphasizing PayerMax's commitment to the region, Ms. Zhu stated, "We are dedicated to solidifying existing partnerships with compliance institutions, government departments, and key local businesses across various sectors. By working together, we can unlock the full potential of digital payments and further propel the industry's growth in MENA.”

Renjit Philip, Advisory Council Member of FTT, echoed this collaborative sentiment, saying, "We are thrilled to begin the year with such a dynamic event alongside PayerMax. FTT is designed to empower the fintech community through collaboration, inclusivity, and access to capital. This partnership exemplifies our shared vision for driving innovation and progress in the MENA payments ecosystem.”

The event provided a platform for insightful discussions on the current state and future trends of digital payments in MENA. The region is experiencing exponential growth in digital payments, fuelled by a shift towards digitisation, increased consumer demand, and heightened e-commerce activities. Cashless transactions are on the rise, driven by the adoption of mobile wallets and innovative payment solutions. A growing emphasis is placed on building partnerships between fintech players, financial institutions, and governments to create a robust and inclusive payments ecosystem.

PayerMax, equipped with comprehensive global payment solutions and a deep understanding of the MENA market, is positioned to capitalise on these emerging trends. Actively collaborating with key stakeholders, the company aims to contribute to the region's digital transformation journey, empowering businesses to embrace a borderless future.