Need Creative Spark for Your Business? Meet!
Mokshita P.
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Need Creative Spark for Your Business? Meet!

It launches with 'pay as you go' model, offering bespoke PR, marketing, and event strategies. Founder Omar Khan aims to empower SMEs with affordable, impactful communication solutions.

Hey, have you heard about It's this new creative and communications consultancy that just launched in the UAE. Omar Khan, a seasoned PR and communications professional, is the founder and CEO. He has over a decade of experience in the industry, working across sectors like hospitality, F&B, luxury fashion, and lifestyle.

What makes unique is their approach. They offer bold, creative ideas and bespoke communication strategies specifically for entrepreneurs, startups, and SMEs. Instead of the usual hefty retainer fees, they provide a more affordable 'pay as you go' model. So, clients can buy creative proposals based on their needs and budgets.

For example, if you need help with brand awareness, PR or marketing strategies, events, product launches, social media campaigns, or other creative tactics, you can get a tailored proposal from them. The best part is, you can either bring the idea to life yourself or work with one of their recommended partners.

Omar mentioned that Dubai alone has seen a 550 percent annual increase in global SMEs, and these businesses need affordable communication services to thrive. aims to fill that gap by offering cost-friendly alternatives without compromising on the quality and creativity of their ideas.

They emphasize the value of ideas and ensure that agencies, freelancers, and creative professionals are remunerated for their work. Each proposal they create is meticulously crafted, taking into account current trends and insights from reputable sources.

Overall, aims to support the fast-growing SME sector in the UAE by providing them with the creative and strategic support they need to succeed.