Mumzworld’s: Empowering Emirati Women in Business
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Mumzworld’s: Empowering Emirati Women in Business

Mumzworld invites Emirati female business owners to collaborate, providing a platform to showcase their products and receive mentoring, empowering them to succeed. This initiative aligns with Mumzworld’s commitment to women's empowerment and social impact.

In celebration of Emirati Women’s Day, Mumzworld, the e-commerce destination for mothers in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA), has unveiled an empowering initiative aimed at supporting and boosting innovative Emirati female entrepreneurs and small business owners. This initiative underscores the company’s commitment to advancing the role of women in the business ecosystem and creating fresh avenues for women to thrive.

Between August 28, 2023 till the end of September 2023, the “We Collaborate for Tomorrow,” initiative invitees all Emirati mothers who own private businesses and small ventures catering to the mother, baby, and child segment. Whether their offerings encompass fast-moving consumer goods [FMCG], apparel, food, handmade crafts, or artisanal soap made with passion and care, Mumzworld welcomes these entrepreneurs to participate.

The initiative provides a unique opportunity for five selected female entrepreneurs to showcase and sell their products on Mumzworld’s extensive online shopping platform dedicated to mothers, babies, and children. Furthermore, Mumzworld will actively support these women in enhancing their product offerings and growth strategies.

Emirati women entrepreneurs interested in this opportunity can submit project details, including product photos, a project summary, and the project’s Instagram account, to the initiative’s designated email address. The final selection of the five entrepreneurs who will have the chance to display and sell their products on the Mumzworld platform will be announced at the end of September 2023. These selected entrepreneurs will also receive mentorship from established entrepreneurs associated with Mumzworld.

Mumzworld’s commitment to social impact is deeply ingrained in its DNA. From its inception, women’s empowerment has been a primary goal for the company, evident through its dedication to hiring women across the organisation. Additionally, Mumzworld has consistently focused on creating by women and for women through its online communities.

As one of the leading online destinations for mothers, babies, and children, Mumzworld boasts a community of over 3.5 million mothers and offers a catalogue of more than 350,000 products. The platform collaborates with the network of over 6,500 retailers, distributors, manufacturers, and brands, both regionally and internationally, deliver to customers in more than 20 countries worldwide.