Mind Cloud Tribe launches to support entrepreneurs in upskilling
Priya Wadhwa
10x Industry

Mind Cloud Tribe launches to support entrepreneurs in upskilling

Entrepreneurs can get a taste of the platform with a one-day access for $1.

Mind Cloud Tribe has launched its platform to help entrepreneurs at multiple stages in their career to learn new skills, and support them in their journey.

Genny Ghanimeh, founder of Mind Cloud Tribe, a spin-off of Mind Cloud Academy, said “Mind Cloud Tribe aims to support a wide-ranging audience from students to small business owners, corporate intrapreneurs to start-up and scale-up entrepreneurs, with a full set of tailor-made online resources, tutorials, tools, experts & communities.”

The platform offers two paths: the Learning Journey and the Experts Path.

The Learning Journey offers step-by-step video tutorials as well as tool-builders that help develop a Business Plan, investment pitch deck and more. It specifically caters to new entrepreneurs who are just getting started, small business owners that are looking to grow their operations, those who are looking to raise funds for their business, as well as c-suite intrapreneurs.

The Learning Journey is also designed to support early stage companies who have yet to go to market. It offers support with go-to-market strategies, legal structures, financial management and more.

On the other hand, the Expert Path provides in-depth expertise in various topics, including marketing, branding, sales, finance and valuations, legal, scaling-up, pivoting, employee acquisition, management, and pitching.

Genny Ghanimeh told SME 10X that the one-year subscriptions to the online journeys cost $249. People can also get one-day access for $1.

Mind Cloud Tribe has partnered with AREA 2071, Virtuzone and Global Grad Show to offer its services to entrepreneurs.

“SMEs contribute today to 53% of GDP, and the UAE plans to increase that contribution to 60% by 2021. Mind Cloud Tribe offers a practical and comprehensive solution to address this very real and pressing need to upskill the region’s entrepreneurial workforce”.
Genny Ghanimeh, founder and managing partner at Mind Cloud Tribe

Genny has previously seen success with the Mind Cloud Academy, the UAE’s first KHDA accredited programme for entrepreneurs. With the support of Area 2071 and Dubai Future Foundation, Mind Cloud Academy has seen 7 cohorts and 92 people graduate.

7 in 10 employees are thinking of starting their own business but lack the skills to do so, according to a recent survey by Bayt. While there are a number of accelerators and incubators in the country, they are geared towards startups that have shown traction and have a strong business plan in place. Mind Cloud Tribe is designed for those who are thinking about starting their own business or getting support in order to scale.