MENA's Agile Talent Pool Ranks Highest in Expertise
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

MENA's Agile Talent Pool Ranks Highest in Expertise

Outsized Report Highlights Growing Need for Specialised Skills and Agile Work Models in MENA's Rapidly Changing Business Aspect.

In a revelation from Outsized, the 2024 Talent-On-Demand report has unveiled a shift in the talent landscape. The report, drawing on proprietary data from Outsized's platform, illuminates a 142 percent surge in freelancer registrations in the MENA region since 2022, propelling it to the forefront of the global freelance economy.

Amidst increasing demands for agility, cost flexibility, and specialised skills, enterprises across the MENA, APAC, and Africa regions are swiftly embracing agile workforce models to navigate market uncertainties and capitalise on emerging opportunities. Contrary to the global downturn witnessed in the US and Europe, the MENA region is experiencing an uptick in freelance talent demand, fuelled by endeavours to diversify from oil dependency into knowledge and skills-based economies.

The rise in freelance demand spans multiple sectors including IT, banking, finance, real estate, construction, energy, and hospitality, underscoring an employment aspect for professionals. Particularly noteworthy is the region's divergence from the global trend, with a broad spectrum of in-demand skills encompassing Finance, Risk, Product and Proposition, Sales, Marketing, and Change Management.

Notably, macro trends such as ESG and sustainability, data analytics, and procurement are ready to further propel demand for both local and international skilled independent talent in 2024.

Azeem Zainulbhai, Co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Outsized, emphasised the importance of agility and specialised expertise provided by on-demand professionals, dispelling the notion that the gig economy is confined to low-skill or low-value talent. Zainulbhai stated Outsized's commitment to boosting a sustainable independent talent market, aligning with the changing needs of businesses and professionals in an increasingly data-informed and technology-led environment.

As the MENA region undergoes modernisation and digital transformation, the imperative to adopt agile work models becomes paramount. However, companies encounter challenges due to a scarcity of niche expertise and the constraints of traditional hiring practices, particularly evident in the technology sector. Consulting firms, notably in Saudi Arabia and the UAE, grapple with the local dearth of specialised skills, necessitating global talent sourcing through platforms like Outsized.

Outsized's Virtual Bench feature empowers enterprises to access an "always-on" talent pool, swiftly deploying skilled, pre-vetted resources to meet changing project demands. This leaner business model minimises idle time, reduces operational costs, and boost creative problem-solving through the infusion of fresh perspectives and ideas.

Looking ahead to 2024, companies are ready to embrace a holistic approach to agile talent, viewing independents not merely as project-based resources but as an advantage to be used at scale. Partnering with global talent platforms like Outsized enables businesses to construct flexible workforce models, harnessing the collective potential of permanent and independent professionals to lead innovation and growth in an increasingly competitive era.

MENA's Agile Talent Pool Ranks Highest in Expertise