kaykroo brings Lebanese brands Husk Beirut, Lamb House, Lahmajun and Nelipide from Turkey to UAE
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

kaykroo brings Lebanese brands Husk Beirut, Lamb House, Lahmajun and Nelipide from Turkey to UAE

New entrepreneurial programme from cloud kitchen specialist will explore collaborations with restaurants operators in other international markets such as Europe, the United States and Asia to scale their operations

Following the recent franchise announcement from Kitch, kaykroo, a UAE-based cloud kitchen platform for virtual restaurants, has launched its Entrepreneur Programme, which will provide individual restaurants from across the globe a foothold into new markets in the region. Starting with the broader Middle East region, the foodtech company has secured exclusive partnerships with Husk Beirut, Lamb House, Lahmajun from Lebanon and Nelipide from Turkey, giving them the opportunity to scale their business into the UAE.

Entrepreneurs participating in the programme will benefit from working with kaykroo’s team of experts to adapt their menus to a delivery model, from sourcing the most suitable local suppliers to developing purpose-fit operational manuals that will ensure scalability without compromising quality. kaykroo claims that within a month, customers will be able to experience these new menus, prepared and delivered from one of kaykroo’s 15 full-service cloud kitchens across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Ain. In Q2 2021, kaykroo’s operations will expand to Saudi Arabia, with the planned opening of its first facility in Riyadh.

Jihad El-Eit, Founder & CEO of kaykroo, clarified, “Part of our mission when we launched kaykroo was to bring international flavours to the UAE community. We’ve been doing that with our own brand portfolio, which covers a range of cuisines, but we now wanted to give restauranteurs, who have achieved success in their home markets, the same opportunity. This is especially important at a time when people aren’t able to travel as easily or frequently – being able to give them a taste of home, or something new and different, was a real priority for us.”

Jihad added that this initiative was not about simply franchising big food chains, “we’re big believers in supporting fellow entrepreneurs. All the Programme participants are independent operators, who we selected for their passion and ability to create unique experiences.”

As part of its longer-term strategy, kaykroo will explore additional collaborations in other international markets, such as Europe, the United States and Asia.