Is This Partnership the Solution to Your Remote Team Management Woes?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

Is This Partnership the Solution to Your Remote Team Management Woes?

Combining legal and admin software with remote team management and payroll solutions, the partnership aims to streamline company incorporation, compliance, and multi-currency payroll for businesses expanding globally.

Clara, a top provider of digital legal and admin software, has teamed up with RemotePass, a leading platform for remote team management and global payroll. This partnership combines Clara’s innovative company operating system with RemotePass's expertise in handling remote workforce management, aiming to create a seamless experience for businesses.

Imagine a company needing to establish a presence in a foreign country and manage a team spread across different regions. With Clara’s platform, they can digitally incorporate companies in various jurisdictions, manage their cap tables, and generate and sign legal agreements. On the other hand, RemotePass’s robust payroll system handles multi-currency payments and ensures local tax compliance in over 100 countries. This reduces the administrative burden and ensures businesses comply with local regulations.

The remote work market in the Middle East is projected to grow by 30 percent by 2025, indicating a rising demand for solutions that simplify remote team management and global payroll.

Patrick Rogers, Co-founder and CEO of Clara, said that their mission is to simplify legal and administrative tasks for businesses. Partnering with RemotePass allows Clara to extend its reach and provide a holistic solution for companies looking to hire and manage talent globally. Hundreds of Clara’s customers already use RemotePass for their hiring needs, making this partnership a logical step forward.

Kamal Reggad, Co-founder and CEO of RemotePass, expressed excitement about the partnership, noting that Clara’s operating system supports many of their customers with everything from digital company formation to ESOP and cap table management. Together, they can offer unparalleled support to businesses navigating the hiring landscape in the UAE and globally.

In summary, Clara and RemotePass are joining forces to offer an integrated solution that addresses the challenges of legal documentation, compliance, payroll, and remote team management, helping businesses expand their global footprint efficiently and compliantly.