Dubai Startup Hub launches its Co-Founder Dubai initiative
Priya Wadhwa
Industry Watch

Dubai Startup Hub launches its Co-Founder Dubai initiative

Find your co-founder!

Historically, start-ups that were founded by a group of people have been more successful in fundraising than ones that were founded by an individual. Theoretically, it makes sense – founders often complement each other. If somebody has a technical background, he or she could benefit a lot from somebody that is more business savvy, and vice versa. However, it is not always easy to find a co-founder. You often hear stories of co-founders that had been friends or colleagues for a long period of time, but how often does that really happen?

Luckily for budding entrepreneurs in Dubai, the Dubai Startup Hub has launched its co-founder initiative to match entrepreneurs to their perfect co-founder. Natalia Sycheva, Manager of Entrepreneurship at Dubai Chamber, stated that “Co-Founder Dubai will provide both new startup businesses and aspiring co-founders with far-reaching benefits, including comprehensive training, matchmaking days, a dedicated curriculum and high-caliber talent, ultimately enabling startup businesses to grow in the region.” Learn more about the initiative or find your perfect co-founder here.