Hubb launches globally
Mita Srinivasan
10x Industry

Hubb launches globally

Intelligent platform offers SMEs an e-commerce option at a monthly subscription of AED 100

Hubb has launched globally to change the future of e-commerce as SMEs look for more sustainable business solutions in the face of COVID-19. Currently operational in 44 countries and in 12 languages, Hubb is a meeting point for all services – connecting businesses with consumers directly through an affordable monthly subscription service of AED100 per month, without any hidden costs.

Hubb’s business model injects a fresh approach to the market, differentiating itself from other e-commerce giants across the globe. Hubb’s new approach offers a sustainable service, particularly for SMEs and start-up businesses who can use the platform to have full ownership without having to share profit with mediators.

Hubb is a one-stop destination for a range of services including food delivery, property, manufacturing, motoring, travel, job searches and much more, via a ‘master app’ with 36 different industries.

Anastasia El Hage, Founder and CEO commented, “The e-commerce platforms available to businesses and consumers today offer an unsustainable way of trading for businesses across the globe, in particular SMEs and start-up businesses who have to sacrifice their profits in order to be listed on global platforms. With 70% of companies in Dubai alone expected to close within the next six months according to a report on CNBC, we are delighted to be introducing a fresh approach to the market, connecting businesses and consumers based on a monthly subscription service of just AED 100.”

According to Hage, Hubb will act as a ‘meeting place’, building long-term relationships with their customers on a personal level, rather than seeing customers simply as a ‘transaction’ through a third-party portal.