Hub71 and Stride Ventures Merge to Support Abu Dhabi's Startup Landscape
Mokshita P.
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Hub71 and Stride Ventures Merge to Support Abu Dhabi's Startup Landscape

Hub71 and Stride Ventures have partnered to boost innovation and support startup growth in Abu Dhabi. The collaboration aims to provide startups with access to capital and mentorship opportunities, attracting global talent to set the UAE's position as a destination for entrepreneurs and innovators.

In a bid to innovation, boost entrepreneurship, and the growth of startups in Abu Dhabi, Hub71, has joined forces with Stride Ventures. This collaboration aims to provide startups with access to capital and mentorship, ultimately propelling them to new heights.

Through the partnership, Hub71 will leverage Stride Ventures' extensive expertise to support startups in scaling their ventures. Stride Ventures, in turn, will become a valuable capital partner for Hub71, offering alternative financial solutions and support through venture debt, complementing traditional equity funding models. The collaboration will not only focus on financial backing but will also provide comprehensive mentorship programs, equipping startups with the guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of business expansion.

The collaboration will extend beyond financial support. Hub71 and Stride Ventures will collaborate to identify global startups operating across key sectors of economic importance, encouraging them to establish their operations in Abu Dhabi. This joint commitment to boosting startup growth and raising innovation aims to attract global talent, setting the United Arab Emirates' position on the world stage as the go-to destination for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Ahmad Ali Alwan, CEO of Hub71, emphasised the partnership, stating, "Our collaboration with Stride Ventures is crucial in expanding our capital ecosystem by providing resources and investment access for startups to scale globally. Working alongside Stride Ventures will unlock new potential in the region, aligning with our goals to position Abu Dhabi at the forefront of global innovation and entrepreneurial growth."

Ishpreet Gandhi, Founder and Managing Partner of Stride Ventures, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, saying, "We are excited about this collaboration with Hub71, which aligns perfectly with our mission to support high-potential startups. The UAE's tech ecosystem is brimming with potential, and together with Hub71, we aim to fuel the growth of innovative companies, providing them with the financial resources and guidance they need."

This partnership marks a milestone in Abu Dhabi's journey to becoming a hub for technological innovation and entrepreneurial excellence, with both Hub71 and Stride Ventures committed to pushing startups toward success in the global market.