How is Qashio Revolutionising Business Spending?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

How is Qashio Revolutionising Business Spending?

It unveils a simplified rewards program with over 100 benefits, backed by giants like Google and Microsoft, revolutionising expense management for businesses.

So, you know Qashio, right? They're like the big shot when it comes to Corporate Cards in the Middle East and North Africa. Well, guess what? They just launched this amazing new rewards program!

They've teamed up with some heavy hitters like Google, Microsoft, AWS, Emirates, and, offering over 100 discounts and benefits. And get this – unlike other loyalty programs that tie you up in knots with their terms and conditions, Qashio keeps it simple. You get unlimited cashback, points, and other perks based on how much you use their services. It's like getting rewarded every time you spend!

And let me tell you, this move has caught the attention of major players in the industry. Everyone's talking about how Qashio is revolutionising the game while others are stuck dealing with inefficient loyalty programs that eat into profits.

Armin Moradi, Qashio's CEO, he's pumped about it too. He says they're not just saving customers money on everyday expenses, but also helping them out with stuff like digital marketing. And you know what? He's got the stats to back it up – even a tiny increase in customer retention can lead to big savings.

But it's not just about rewards. Qashio's also got this Spend Management platform that helps businesses keep track of their expenses and save money on essential stuff like advertising, cloud hosting, and even hotel bookings. And if that's not enough, they've got your back with fast and affordable insurance and quick access to loans for SMEs.

Basically, Qashio's all about making life easier for businesses. They're not just a card provider – they're a one-stop-shop for managing expenses and boosting your bottom line. And they're not stopping anytime soon. They've got big plans to keep innovating and helping businesses thrive.