How is BluSmart Bringing Sustainable Luxury Rides to Dubai?
Mokshita P.
10x Industry

How is BluSmart Bringing Sustainable Luxury Rides to Dubai?

South Asia's largest all-electric ride-hailing service launches UAE's first 100% electric limousine service with luxurious Audi e-tron fleet, aiming to lead sustainable transportation in the region.

BluSmart, which is South Asia’s largest all-electric ride-hailing service and EV charging infrastructure network, has just made a big announcement. They are entering the UAE market with their new campaign, #RideSmartDubai. This is a huge step for them as it marks their first international expansion.

With this move, BluSmart is becoming the UAE’s first 100 percent electric full-stack premium limousine service. This is pretty significant because it aligns with the UAE’s goals of transitioning towards more sustainable transportation options.

In Dubai, BluSmart will kick off its services with a fleet of luxurious Audi e-tron cars. They’re introducing several industry-first features that sound quite impressive: no driver cancellations, flat and transparent pricing, punctual arrivals, and even a CO2 tracker that tells users how much CO2 they’ve saved after each ride. They are catering to Dubai's diverse population by offering various services like city rides, airport transfers, hourly rentals, and even drop-offs to other Emirates. Plus, it’s easy to book a ride through the BluSmart app available on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

Anmol Singh Jaggi, one of BluSmart’s co-founders, shared his excitement about this expansion. He mentioned that the UAE has been a leader in innovative urban development and sustainable solutions. BluSmart is eager to bring their sustainable business model and customer-focused services to the UAE, contributing to the country’s vision of smart, sustainable cities. He emphasised their mission to ‘Decarbonise Mobility at Scale’ and provide reliable and environmentally-friendly transportation options.

Jaggi also highlighted that the future of transportation is electric. They’re thrilled to lead this EV revolution in the UAE with their premium Audi e-tron vehicles. Although Dubai is their first step in the Middle East, they have plans to expand further across the region by collaborating with governments, businesses, and consumers to foster a greener and more sustainable future.

Sreejith Hrishikesh, BluSmart’s VP and Country Head for the UAE, added that their goal is to become the preferred limousine service in Dubai. The #RideSmartDubai campaign is aimed at people looking for a dependable, safe, and luxurious travel experience.

The BluSmart platform is designed to make booking easy and efficient, with features like route optimisation and real-time monitoring to ensure a smooth and enjoyable ride. They also offer 24/7 customer support in both English and Arabic, guaranteeing immediate assistance whenever needed.

Back in India, BluSmart has over 7,500 electric vehicles and has completed more than 15.1 million emission-free trips. This translates to over 498 million electric kilometres traveled and a saving of 36 million kilograms of CO2 emissions since they started in 2019. They also have 50 EV charging hubs spanning over 1.8 million square feet with more than 5,000 EV charging stations powered by green energy.

So, in a nutshell, BluSmart is making waves in the UAE with their sustainable and premium electric ride-hailing services, setting a new standard for environmentally conscious transportation.